The Purpose of Literature Review Demystified

purpose of literature review

When writing a literature review in research paper, the first step is the review of related literature. Literature review is used to demonstrate the student’s knowledge about a specific topic of study, including theories, vocabularies, methods, history, and variables.

Why is rrl research so crucial? Consider it this way – if you are working on a research paper or dissertation; it cannot be complete without a review of literature. In this post, we are going to answer the question by taking a closer look at the purpose of literature review in your paper. We will also tell you how to make rrl in research.

What is rrl (Review of Related Literature)?

Before we look at the purpose of literature review, let us first dive deeper to understand its meaning. So, what is rrl meaning in research paper? Related literature review is a comprehensive analysis of sources (call them literature) around a topic of interest. Further, it identifies gaps in the existing resources that you are going to address in your research paper or dissertation.

Research “gap” is the presence of a study question, problem, or perspective that has not been addressed by the current body of knowledge. It demonstrates that you are aware of the literature and, therefore, your study is geared towards filling the void. Consequently, your study is justified!

Purpose of Review of Related Literature

The primary purpose of related literature review of giving a student some insights into the existing research as well as debates on his/her topic of study. Also, it entails presenting the knowledge in a written report. Here are other core purposes of literature review.

  1. Doing a literature review assists you to build your own knowledge in the area of study. It is an opportunity to learn about crucial experimental methods, research techniques and theories in the field. Further, you are able to learn how other researchers use different concepts in addressing real issues.
  2. Another core benefit of reviewing literature is that you learn how to present findings in your area of study. Indeed, you can become a better writer by taking keen interest on how other top writers did their work.
  3. Placing your own research in the existing literature. If you are studying something new, reviewing literature allows you to understand where to position own findings. Well, this is your opportunity to make your input in the niche felt.

How to make a rrl for a Winning Research Paper or Dissertation

Now that you know the purpose of literature review, the next question is: “how do you craft it?” Literature review is located at the start of research articles so that you can highlight gaps you are about to fill. Well, it is a sort of jigsaw puzzle where you need to fill some lines in order to show where the entire paper is headed.

The good thing about writing a review of related literature in research paper or dissertation is that the structure does not change depending on the subject. Here are some useful tips about writing a winning literature review:

  • Start by selecting a good topic. This should be an area you are interested in and that has ample materials to work on. Well, it does not mean that you cannot do a study in an entirely new niche, but a topic with no related study materials could prove tricky along the way.
  • Read widely about your topic. This is the bottom line when it comes to writing literature review. You need to identify related literature and read widely while capturing important points, quotes, arguments, counterarguments, and authors. These are the details that you will use when writing the literature review.
  • When reading literature reviews, you need to take a keen interest in how others have done them. If you are not familiar with writing literature reviews, this will come in handy to hone your writing skills.
  • Keep your literature review simple. The goal of your literature review is to stick to a specific scope of the study. Indeed, other researchers are likely to have looked at different areas in divergent ways. Therefore, keep your scope clear and simple to make your work easier.
  • Ensure the sources are as current as possible. In some cases, your teacher will tell you not to use resources published before a specific timeline. If that is not specified, consider limiting your study to literature published within the last five years.

When to Seek Writing Help with Literature Review

When it comes to writing a literature review, whether independent or as part of your research paper/dissertation, we will not lie; it can be complex. From picking the right literature to comprehensively deciphering different arguments in them, it is not uncommon to get students getting stuck. So if you find yourself there, you are not alone.

The best way to make writing a literature review and related literature studies simple is seeking writing help. The assistance is offered by professionals who understand what is rrl in research, the difference between rrl and rrs, and are willing to assist you to get the best grades. Do not get content with average grades when it comes to writing literature review; let experts assist you!

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