100 Best Words to Use Instead of “Said”

words to use instead of said

You’re probably looking for the words to use instead of said because this term is appearing too many times in your writing. Well, you’re not alone. Many people have difficulties avoiding this word in academic, fiction, and other forms of writing.

When you use the word “said”, you’re referencing or reporting the thoughts, feelings, or expressions of other people. The most appropriate way to do this is by introducing the speaker or attributing the thoughts, expressions, or statement to that person. This explains why most people are unable to avoid incorporating the word “said” or using a quotation in their writing.

However, you could be using too many quotations in an essay or any other form of writing. You could also be repeating “said” too many times in your writing. Upon noticing this, you might pause and ask, ‘what are better words for said?’

Well, you can use better words than said when referencing the thoughts or words expressed by somebody else in your writing. These words can be used to refer to thoughts or emotions that another person expresses in writing or verbally.

Why You Should Know the Words to Use Instead of Said

You should know more words that you can use instead of said in your writing for several reasons. Here are the three main reasons to know the words that you can use instead of said.

  • Make your writing more interesting and engaging: When you use different words instead of said in your writing, you make your write-up more interesting and engaging to read. That’s because you avoid repetition that can make readers feel exhausted when reading your work.
  • Make your work more accurate: Some words can express the emotions or thoughts of the speaker more accurately than said. Thus, using these words can reveal the speaker’s intention or the information they wanted to convey more accurately.
  • Make your writing more vivid and expressive: Using other words to reflect the tone or emotions of the speaker instead of quotes will make your writing more vivid and expressive. This gives readers a better sense of the intended meaning.

But finding the right words to use in your writing other than said can be challenging. That’s why our English assignment helper has come up with our other words for said list to help you. This list comprises 100 words to use instead of said. And it groups other words for said by emotion or thought of the speaker.

Other Words than Said that Express Happiness  

When a person says something in a joyful mood, you can use other words to replace said in your writing or conversation. These words can convey the positive, joyful, or happy tone of the person using words that rhyme with said. Here are some of them.

  1. Applauded
  2. Assured
  3. Approved
  4. Bantered
  5. Blathered
  6. Babbled
  7. Boasted
  8. Cheered
  9. Giggled
  10. Congratulated
  11. Joked
  12. Laughed
  13. Nodded
  14. Marveled
  15. Prattled
  16. Proclaimed
  17. Professed
  18. Smiled
  19. Spoke
  20. Yakked

These are some of the words to say instead of said when you want to express the joyful tone of the speaker.

Sad Words that Can Replace Said

Maybe you want to express the sadness of the speaker using other words instead of said. Sadness is a very common emotion that people express in writing. Here are some of the other words to use instead of said when expressing sadness.

  1. Choked
  2. Cried
  3. Moaned
  4. Coughed
  5. Groaned
  6. Bawled
  7. Sniffed
  8. Gurgled
  9. Sighed
  10. Sniffled
  11. Whined
  12. Wept
  13. Wailed
  14. Sobbed
  15. Whimpered
  16. Wailed
  17. Mumbled
  18. Sniffled
  19. Objected
  20. Vowed

These are other words for said to show that a person was not happy when saying something.

Angry Words for Said

Perhaps, you’re wondering, what words can you say instead of said to show that the speaker was angry? Well, you can use several words that replace said when you want to express feelings of anger. Here are some of them.  

  1. Interrupted
  2. Accused
  3. Barked
  4. Boomed
  5. Chided
  6. Complained
  7. Criticized
  8. Fumed
  9. Growled
  10. Badgered
  11. Chastised
  12. Commanded
  13. Denied
  14. Roared
  15. Scorned
  16. Snapped
  17. Snickered
  18. Stormed
  19. Rebuked
  20. Reproached

These are just some of the words to say other than said when you want to show that the speaker was angry. The list of words for said in this category is long and can even go to hundreds. Nevertheless, the words listed here are the most commonly used to express the anger of the speaker.

Alternative Words for Said that Show Uncertainty or Fear

Do you want to express the uncertainty or fear shown by the speaker? In that case, use these replacement words for said to convey the same emotion or feeling.

  1. Grunted
  2. Muttered
  3. Nagged
  4. Asked
  5. Sneezed
  6. Wondered
  7. Sputtered
  8. Snorted
  9. Mused
  10. Blurted
  11. Gulped
  12. Murmured
  13. Quavered
  14. Squealed
  15. Shuddered
  16. Clicked
  17. Bargained
  18. Shrilled
  19. Beseeched
  20. Paled

Depending on the situation, you can use these words for said to express fear or uncertainty more vividly and accurately.

Words Other than Said that Express Disagreement or Loudness

You can use different words for said to show that somebody did not agree with the sentiments of other people. These are words besides said, that can be used to express the loudness with which a person expresses their disagreement.

  1. Argued
  2. Raved
  3. Sassed
  4. Shouted
  5. Shrieked
  6. Screamed
  7. Jeered
  8. Ranted
  9. Complained
  10. Grumbled

Use these words in your essay to show that the speaker was in disagreement with the other people in a conversation. However, you should pick the words to use carefully to ensure that you convey the disagreement tone of the speaker properly.

More Words for Said

There are many words like said that can be used in different predicaments. For instance, you can use certain words to show that the speaker was emotionless when stating something. Some of the other words for said in an essay are expository. Here are more words that you can use instead of said in your writing.

  1. Mentioned
  2. Observed
  3. Noted
  4. Stated
  5. Reported
  6. Advanced
  7. Corroborated
  8. Posited
  9. Substantiated
  10. Emphasized

This list of words to use instead of said is not exhaustive. There are more than 100 words for said that can be used to convey different feelings or thoughts of the speakers. The most important thing is to pick the words to use carefully. That way, you will convey the emotions of the speakers more vividly and accurately in your writing. Take a closer look at our list of hard words to spell. This might be helpful as well.

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