140+ Top Autism Research Paper Topics for Students

Autism Research Paper Topics

Are you looking for the absolute best autism research paper topics? If you want to get a top grade on your next paper, you should make sure you write it on the most interesting topic possible. Also, you should ensure that nobody else in your class has thought about your idea. In other words, you need to find an original topic to write about. The good news is that we have 144 of the greatest research paper topics dealing with autism right here. You can pick any one of them right now and start writing the essay. And remember to return to this article periodically because we are doing our best to update the topics list as frequently as possible.

Why Choose Our Autism Research Paper Topics?

But why would you choose our autism topics for research paper? Even though there are several websites that list topics related to autism, we can assure you that they are not what you expect. These websites have already been discovered by your classmates, so you risk writing a paper on a topic that’s already been selected.

To make sure we can help as many students as possible, we update our list of topics periodically, as frequently as we can. This means that you can almost certainly get an original topic that nobody has even though of. Moreover, all our topics are free – and will remain free. You can use any one of them as it is or reword it as you see fit. Don’t worry, you don’t have to give us any credit. Here are the topics after the recent update:

Autism Research Analysis Paper Topics

Do you need to write an analysis paper on a subject related to autism? No problem. Take a look at these excellent autism research analysis paper topics:

  1. Analyze Asperger’s syndrome
  2. Analyze the Rett syndrome
  3. Analyze the childhood disintegrative disorder
  4. Analyze Kanner’s syndrome
  5. Analyze the pervasive developmental disorder
  6. Discuss the unusual interest in objects characteristic
  7. Discuss the overreaction to touch
  8. Analyze the impaired communication problem
  9. Stereotyped patterns in autistic people
  10. Analyze effective interventions

Interesting Autism Topics

We know you want only the best topics. After all, the grade you’ll get on your research paper depends on it. Take a look at these interesting autism topics and pick one now:

  1. Discuss the overreaction to sight
  2. Can you be just a bit autistic?
  3. Analyze the rights of autistic people in the US
  4. Diagnosing autism early
  5. Discuss the US DSM-5 in relation to autism
  6. Is autism related to vaccines?
  7. Autism rights in Europe vs. China
  8. Discuss autism therapy
  9. Increasing the independence of your autistic child
  10. The importance of coping skills

Good Research Paper Topics on Autism

Some topics are better than others, of course. Here are the ideas we think would make good research paper topics on autism:

  1. Discuss the overreaction to taste
  2. Does the COVID-19 vaccine cause autism?
  3. Uncooperative parents of autistic children
  4. Educational opportunities for autistic children
  5. Analyze the behavior of autistic siblings
  6. The effect of genes on autism
  7. Autism in Africa
  8. The limitations for autistic people in society
  9. Daily problems of autistic teens
  10. Problem-solving skills of autistic people

Autism Research Topics for High School

High school students get their own list on our website. Below you can find all our autism research topics for high school students:

  1. Discuss the overreaction to smell
  2. Effects on social development
  3. Effects on communication skills
  4. Effective medication for autism
  5. Discuss alternative medicine options
  6. The prognosis for autistic children
  7. Discuss repetitive behavior
  8. Analyze less known symptoms of autism
  9. Autism vs. schizophrenia
  10. Explain what a neurodevelopmental disorder is

Education and Autism

Education techniques for people with autism are very complex and new techniques are being discovered every year. Take a look at our most interesting ideas:

  1. Discuss the overreaction to hearing
  2. Latest developments in autistic education
  3. Concentration problems with autistic people
  4. Under reaction to sight
  5. Best way to teach autistic children
  6. Teaching strategies for autism
  7. Special education needs
  8. Can autistic children focus in class?
  9. Can autistic children go to school?
  10. Calming down an autistic child

Autism Research Questions

If you are looking for some awesome autism research questions that will spark your creativity, you have arrived at the right place. Check out these ideas:

  1. How to tell somebody has autism?
  2. Is autism affected by age?
  3. What is Autism level 1?
  4. Is autism a genetic issue?
  5. What is a Neurodivergent person?
  6. What causes autism?
  7. How can autism be cured?
  8. Effective education for autistic children?
  9. Is ADHD autism?
  10. Does autism cause gender dysphoria?

Autism Biology Topics Research Paper

If you are interested in writing about the biology behind autism, you will be thrilled to find out that we have an entire section of autism biology topics research paper writers will love:

  1. Discuss the repeated actions of autistic people
  2. Repeated body movements and their causes
  3. Serotonin levels in autistic children
  4. The neuropathology of autistic people
  5. Social interaction problems caused by autism
  6. Discuss the need for sameness
  7. Discuss the temporal lobe anomaly
  8. Discuss the under reaction to hearing
  9. Brain connectivity in autistic patients
  10. Autism and mitochondrial disease

Autism Thesis Topics

Do you want to write your thesis on a topic related to autism? We have plenty of options for you. Here are our most popular autism thesis topics:

  1. Is autism the same as schizophrenia?
  2. Screening for autism in the United States
  3. UK autism screening programs
  4. Misdiagnosis of autism in the US
  5. Comorbidities in autistic people
  6. Remedial education for autism
  7. Discuss behavior therapy
  8. The best parent training model
  9. Prescribing Risperidone for autism
  10. Effects of antipsychotics on autistic people

Autism Debate Topics

In case you are looking to write a debate paper on autism, we are happy to tell you that you have arrived at the right place. Check out these interesting autism debate topics:

  1. Most important breakthrough in autism research
  2. Chemical differences in autistic people’s brains
  3. Discuss the increase in autism cases in the UK
  4. Less-known facts about autism
  5. Music and its benefits
  6. Autistic personalities in our modern history
  7. Discuss the increase of autism cases in the US
  8. Why is autism a spectrum disorder?
  9. Can autistic people go to work?
  10. Discrimination at the workplace

Autism Controversial Issues

There are, of course, many controversies surrounding autism. Here are some autism controversial issues (don’t be afraid to write an essay on any one of them!):

  1. Autism is a curable disorder
  2. Medication can keep autism under control
  3. Males are more likely to be autistic than females
  4. Does autism cause intellectual disability?
  5. Environmental risk factors that lead to autism
  6. Is autism a genetically-transmitted disorder?
  7. The link between vaccines and autism
  8. Should you get your child vaccinated against COVID-19?
  9. Does autism affect the IQ of a child?
  10. Discuss the pathology paradigm
  11. Discuss the Neurodiversity paradigm

Research Topics on Autism for College

If you are a college student, it usually means you are looking for a more advanced and complex topic to write about. Take a look at these research topics on autism for college students:

  1. Autism: disorder or difference?
  2. The main causes of autism
  3. The best treatments for autism
  4. Getting support for autistic adults
  5. Educating autistic children
  6. Negative effects of behavior therapy
  7. Negative effects of autistic medication
  8. How is autism diagnosed?
  9. Link between autism and epilepsy
  10. Link between autism and schizophrenia
  11. Link between autism and diabetes

Autism Spectrum Disorder Research Topics

Do you want to write about the spectrum disorder? Our experienced writers compiled a list of the best autism spectrum disorder research topics just for you:

  1. What is Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)?
  2. Repetitive patterns of behavior
  3. ASD and self-harm actions
  4. Autism versus Asperger syndrome
  5. Effects on communication and behavior
  6. Analyze brain development of ASD people
  7. Social effects of the Autism Spectrum Disorder
  8. Behavioral challenges for people with Autism Spectrum Disorder
  9. Skills affected by ASD
  10. What is a high-functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder?
  11. The DSM-5 classification of ASD

Easy Topics Related to Autism

We know there are times when you simply cannot afford to lose much time writing the essay. Just pick one of these easy topics related to autism:

  1. Autism Spectrum Disorder treatment
  2. The most effective autism test
  3. Autistic spectrum disorder treatment
  4. Does autism run in the family?
  5. Factors that increase the risk for autism
  6. Autism in siblings
  7. Can autism appear in adolescence or adulthood?
  8. Signs your child may be autistic
  9. Impact on cognition in adults
  10. Discuss the Rett Syndrome
  11. How can ASDs be treated?

Parent Training Ideas

Parents of autistic children need to understand the best ways to deal with this disorder. So, why not write a paper about it? Here are some interesting parent training ideas:

  1. Autism spectrum disorder checklist
  2. Education methods for the pervasive developmental disorder
  3. Changing the negative behaviors of autistic children
  4. Understanding the way an autistic child thinks
  5. Differences in IQ and understanding
  6. Is it stressful to have an autistic child?
  7. Best way to reward good behavior
  8. Learn non-verbal cues
  9. Helping your child recover from autism
  10. Evidence-based home education methods

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