Gender Roles Essay: Topics Ideas And Tips

gender roles essay

This type academic writing assignment requires students to take a position on a topic related to gender issues – These are generally issues we deal with on a day-to-day basis and our understanding of them make them excellent topics to discuss in an argumentative or persuasive format. We’ve included five tips for writing a great assignment as well as a handful of topics for you to consider.

What Are Gender Roles?

Throughout history, the concepts of sex and gender have evolved.

Specifically, gender roles are the socially normalized roles that men and women have within a society.

Generally, an example of gender roles would be that women are supposed to take care of the household and children, while men are meant to be the providers. This is a very basic example. Currently, gender roles are relevant for in the modern world concepts of gender are constantly evolving and being studied. What are the differences between sex and gender? What does it mean to withstand normalized gender roles? These are only the surface of all the relevant, contemporary questions relating to gender.

Gender Equality Essay: Five Writing Tips

For the concept of gender roles is a widespread one, it might feel daunting when beginning to write an essay about it. Here are some tips to help you get started and carry you on throughout the process.

  • Consider a variety of arguable topics
    You college professor might have sets of acceptable gender essay topics to choose from. These are safe starting points towards developing your own gender topics to write about. If you don’t find anything in these sets that you find particularly interesting, consider writing about something you are passionate about and would like to explore further through adequate academic research. Always get approval from your professor before starting any work, and have a few different topics to fall back on if your first choice is not accepted or proves to be more difficult than expected.
  • Research materials and take comprehensive notes
    Be sure to take great gender studies notes when you do your research. Start by simply looking up your topic on the web and taking down factual information and listing resources for you to check further. You can start broadly and work your way towards a focused topic dealing with a central question and a few supplementary or sub-topics. You can also use famous quotes to grab readers’ attention. Hemingway’s quotes may come in handy here. Next, take your preliminary notes and list of resources to the library and start digging more in-depth. Your citations (i.e., supporting evidence and examples) should all come from trustworthy and current academic or government resources.
  • Develop an outline and start writing
    Summarize your research notes into a single thesis and about 3 – 5 discussion points. These should be the strongest statements to make in support of the thesis. They will make up your body paragraphs and depending on the length of your paper should all fit within the standard 5 – 7 paragraph form. Next, start writing! You’ve got a focused idea and your time spent researching should allow you to write extensively on the topic. Don’t worry about getting the words perfect. Just write what comes to mind and keep referring to your outline.
  • Revise, edit and proofread your writing
    It’s a good idea to get as far away from your essay on gender roles as possible. Some students can get away for as much as a week, but even a day or two can improve the level and quality of revising, editing and proofreading your mater to ensure it’s the best writing it can be. Print out your document and use a bright-colored pen or marker to highlight, underline, and cross-out any words, phrases, or sentences that need to change or omitted entirely. Your aim is to express your argument in an as clear and as concise way as possible. Edit and proofread for grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Don’t just rely on auto-checkers. By re-reading your work carefully in printed form you will catch small mistakes you likely would not have noticed on a computer screen.
  • Have someone else review your work
    Lastly, have a friend or classmate read through your gender inequality essay one last time. All of the time and energy you have spent on the assignment may cloud your judgment when it comes to critiquing your own writing. An unbiased look done by someone else can point out confusing language or small mistakes that both the auto-checker and you might have missed due to your own familiarity with the topic can detract from your differences between sex and gender essay.

Great Gender Essay Topics That Generate Interest

Here are some interesting gender topics to get you started, or help you come up with something you want to write about:

  1. Write a gender roles in society essay dealing with the different ways in which men and women are portrayed, perceived and treated and how moving away from these norms can be looked at as a negative behavior.
  2. Write a gender roles in Macbeth essay discussing the ways in which Shakespeare plays with non-traditional portrayals in men and women and how this affects the viewer’s or reader’s perception of masculinity and femininity.
  3. Despite the strides that women have made professionally and academically in the U.S., there are still large gaps in equal pay and respect. Write a gender roles in America essay explaining the reasons why equality is still hard to achieve.
  4. Write a gender stereotypes essay in which you explain the types of characterizations that are used to over-generalize men and women. Are there certain areas in society where these characterizations are more prevalent than in others?
  5. Write a gender discrimination essay in which you explore the most common instances of prejudice in hiring practices at multi-billion dollar corporations. What does this say about the way society feels about women in positions of power?
  6. How do marriages in different parts of the world help maintain traditional views of gender roles? Write an argumentative gender roles in society essay in which you take a position in support of traditional viewpoints/opinions of marital and family dynamics.

Further is a list of more, specific topics that you might find useful and are free to use:

Gender Roles Essay Topics

Do you think there is a disparity between how women and men are treated in society? You can write one of these gender roles essays that can be creative.

  1. How do gender roles affect how people live?
  2. How are gender roles portrayed in society?
  3. The major gender norms and gender roles.
  4. The sociological perspective of gender roles.
  5. The major family values and gender roles.
  6. Evaluate the gender role theory.
  7. Make a comparison of the major cultural gender roles.
  8. The gender roles as portrayed during war and peace.
  9. The relation between gender roles and stereotypes.
  10. How are gender roles portrayed in Disney?
  11. The gender roles portrayed in Russia.

Good Gender Essay Topics

These are some of the best gender essay topics that can help you to attain top grades. Just try to be neutral while writing the essays to ensure you aren’t biased.

  1. Major expectations accustomed to gender roles.
  2. Gender roles of a patriarchal society.
  3. Significance of gender roles in modern society.
  4. Religious view of gender roles.
  5. The major psychological effects of gender roles.
  6. Relation between masculinity and gender roles.
  7. The relation between gender roles and gender stratification.
  8. The importance of gender roles in the development of countries.
  9. Why do different societies need gender roles?
  10. What do you think society would look like without gender roles?
  11. The importance of gender roles to the build-up of a family?

Interesting Gender Equality Essay Topics

Are you looking for an advanced gender essay? Here are some of the best ideas. They are ideal and will help you to learn more about how men and women are treated in different environments.

  1. The gender roles as portrayed in “Things fall apart”.
  2. The major social expectations that both women and men have.
  3. Gender roles and stereotypes associated with it.
  4. Impact of gender roles in consciousness and grief.
  5. Attitudes and behaviors associated with gender roles.
  6. The perspective of gender roles and identity in the family.
  7. Evaluate gender as portrayed by Shakespeare in his work.
  8. Gender equality in Britain in the 20th century.
  9. Gender discrimination in the workplace.
  10. Impact of gender roles in workplace performance.
  11. Is gender a culturally or biologically prescribed role?

Controversial Gender Research Topics

How good are you with research? You can use these topics for your research project, research thesis, or dissertation. They are ideal, easy, and straightforward topics on gender.

  1. Is gender natural or acquired?
  2. Modern issues of the gender studies.
  3. Role of gender in society.
  4. Role of gender in social media interactions.
  5. Role of gender in cartoons and commercials.
  6. The gender roles as portrayed in cartoons.
  7. Do you think there are gender biases in the workplace environment?
  8. Social construction of gender.
  9. The impact of gender-neutral upbringing.
  10. How is gender inequality portrayed in Iran politics?
  11. Major causes and treatment of gender dysphoria.

Gender Argumentative Essay Topics

At times you can get confused about the various issues about gender, and might even feel like you need sociology homework help or essay assistance. Well, here are some of the best gender argumentative essay topics that you can start with.

  1. The relation between sex, gender, and inequalities.
  2. Is gender equality and peace connected?
  3. Relation better gender equality and family division of labor.
  4. Role of gender equality in economic development.
  5. The importance of gender inequality in the modern family.
  6. How is gender equality achievable?
  7. How do you think women are still being held back by stereotypes?
  8. Should women’s equality be a gradual process?
  9. How governments can foster courage in women.
  10. The negative effects of sexual harassment in the office.
  11. Should both women and men be given maternity leave?

Gender Inequality Essay Topics

Everyone in society should be treated equally regardless of status. Here are some of the best gender essay topics that you can start with.

  1. Gender inequality in Canada and Algeria.
  2. The gender inequality portrayed in Afghanistan.
  3. Gender inequality as portrayed in family businesses.
  4. Gender inequality and the historical origin.
  5. Gender inequality and health disparities.
  6. Gender inequality as a global problem.
  7. The major issues surrounding gender inequality in the workplace.
  8. The scarcity of water and its effect on gender inequality.
  9. How is gender inequality defined as unequal treatment?
  10. Gender inequality in the women’s rights movement.
  11. The gender inequality issues in international relations.

Best Gender Roles Essay Topics

Do you know the various gender roles that people should have in society? People have different roles in society and that should be respected. Try your best in this gender roles topics.

  1. Major gender inequalities features.
  2. Impact of gender inequality on employee satisfaction.
  3. The major consequences of gender inequality.
  4. Major legislation as associated with gender inequality.
  5. Do gender roles help women to relate better in the workplace?
  6. Effectiveness of state enforcement of gender equality roles.
  7. Do you think women are being held back by stereotypes?

Need More Help With Gender Roles Essay?

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