201 Computer Science Topics (Updated for 2023)

computer science topics

If you are reading this, you are surely in need of some excellent computer science topics. The good news is that you have arrived at the right place. We have 201 brand new computer science topics that should work great in 2023. The even better news is that each and every one of these research topics in computer science is 100% free to use. You can reword our topics or use them as they are; it’s up to you.

Wondering why you need computer science research paper topics?

The truth is that by using the best research paper topics in computer science, you get the chance to win some bonus points from your professor.

After all, who wouldn’t want to read papers on interesting topics in computer science or on some awesome computer science ethics topics? Your professor is bored of reading essays on the same old topics over and over again. Bring something fresh to the table and you’ll immediately stand out from your classmates. If the scope of your work allows, you can also check our technology topics. Without further ado, here is our list of research topics in computer science.

Best Computer Science Research Topics

Writing a research paper can be tough if you don’t pick the right topic. Here are some of the best computer science research topics you can find in 2023:

  1. How important is machine learning?
  2. The latest advancements in quantum computing
  3. The next level of the Internet
  4. Virtualization technologies
  5. Real-life applications of bioinformatics
  6. Introducing computer science in high school
  7. Define deep learning
  8. Describe MIMO OFDM wireless communication

Easy Topics in Computer Science

If you don’t want to spend too much time working on your paper, we suggest you pick one of our easy topics in computer science:

  1. What is a computer virus?
  2. Explain the TCP/IP protocol
  3. Explain how the microprocessor works
  4. The role of Random Access Memory
  5. Protecting endangered species using computers
  6. Describe a virtual reality device
  7. How does machine learning work?
  8. Explain the term “Neural Network”

Computer Security Topics

There are literally thousands of topics to discuss when it comes to computer security. We managed to narrow down the list of computer security topics to only the most interesting of them:

  1. Top 3 most dangerous viruses
  2. What is a Trojan Horse?
  3. The role of antivirus/firewall solutions
  4. In-depth analysis of ransomware
  5. Everything about the Mydoom virus
  6. Virus propagation methods
  7. The most secure passwords
  8. In-depth analysis of mobile protection

Hot Topics in Computer Science

Are you looking for the newest and most interesting topics? If you are, you should check out our hot topics in computer science:

  1. What is the Internet of Things?
  2. Semantic Web
  3. Bioinformatics
  4. Latest image processing algorithms
  5. Machine Learning
  6. Latest in Cloud Computing
  7. Artificial Intelligence breakthroughs
  8. Quantum Computing

Computer Science Research Topics for Undergraduates

Undergrads should avoid wasting time searching for topics and simply pick one of these free computer science research topics for undergraduates:

  1. Data Warehousing for the financial sector
  2. IoT applications in healthcare
  3. Data Warehousing in the retail services sector
  4. IoT applications in manufacturing
  5. Big data applications/algorithms
  6. SaaS vs PaaS
  7. Mobile ad hoc networks for vehicles
  8. Data mining: The Genetic algorithm

AP Computer Science Topics

Mastering the AP Computer Science A programming class is not easy. Fortunately, we have some AP computer science topics that can help you write a great paper in no time:

  1. Discuss computer-assisted education
  2. Novel emerging technologies in computer science
  3. Open-source vs. proprietary software
  4. Natural language processing real life applications
  5. Evaluating 3D models effectively
  6. Internet of Things applications in the medical field
  7. Discuss data security in a pharmacy
  8. What is mesh generation and what are its applications?

Computer Ethics Topics

Yes, there is such a thing as computer ethics. In fact, the subject is pretty vast, so you have plenty of computer ethics topics to choose from:

  1. Ethic problems with data mining
  2. Machine learning issues
  3. Internet of Things controversies
  4. AI security concerns
  5. Image processing and privacy concerns
  6. Quantum computing ethic problems
  7. Controversies surrounding robots
  8. Internet censorship

Computer Science and Robotics Topics

Computer science can be tightly linked to advances in robotics, so why don’t you write about one of our computer science and robotics topics:

  1. Social robots
  2. Machine learning in robotics
  3. Robot vision: AI applications
  4. Autonomous cars
  5. Are computers taking our jobs?
  6. Robots in the healthcare sector
  7. AI in the Mars Rovers
  8. Programming an industrial robot

Best Project Topics for Computer Science Student

If you are looking for the best project topics for computer science student, you are in luck. We have exactly what you need:

  1. Write a program in Java
  2. Create a Website in PHP and MySQL
  3. Write an Android app
  4. Explore Microsoft Mobile app ideas
  5. Graphical Interfaces in Java
  6. Java Server Faces applications
  7. Create a relational database
  8. Create a Web app

Controversial Topics in Computer Science

There are many controversial topics in computer science, but we managed to pick the best ones. Use any of them for free:

  1. Robots are stealing our jobs
  2. Privacy concerns on the Internet
  3. How safe are social networking platforms?
  4. Policing the Internet
  5. The role of the dark net
  6. Corporations using personal data
  7. Targeted ads
  8. Tracking cookies

Evolution of Computers Topics

If you are interested in writing about how things evolved since the first computers appeared on the market, we have some interesting evolution of computers topics for you:

  1. Describe the Fiber Distributed Data Interface (FDDI)
  2. What is a firewall and how does it work?
  3. What is an ExpressCard?
  4. How does an adapter card work?
  5. From the first computer to quantum computing
  6. The history of the Cloud
  7. The evolution of Denial of Service attacks
  8. Quantum computers

Computer Architecture Research Topics

Interested in discussing the functionality, organization and implementation of computer systems? You need our computer architecture research topics:

  1. What are reduced instruction set computers?
  2. Describe synchronous design
  3. Parallel hardware systems
  4. The Sun SPARK architecture
  5. Analyze data-driven nets
  6. Discuss functional programming methods
  7. Discuss micropipelines
  8. The Von Neumann architecture

Computer Science Thesis Topics

If you need to write a thesis in computer science, our writers have some excellent computer science thesis topics for you. Choose one:

  1. Quantum computing advancements
  2. The role of big data in the banking sector
  3. Artificial intelligence and computer security
  4. An in-depth analysis of an antivirus tool
  5. Image processing algorithms
  6. Discuss model-based reflex agents (AI)
  7. Discuss fuzzy logic systems
  8. Data mining in governmental agencies

Internet of Things Ideas

You’ve probably heard about the IoT, but didn’t really bother to investigate. Check out these Internet of Things ideas and impress your professor:

  1. The concept of a smart home
  2. What is the IoT?
  3. Internet of Things applications
  4. Internet of Things in manufacturing
  5. Product flow monitoring
  6. IoT in Quality Control
  7. The Ring doorbell camera
  8. Video streaming with IoT

Quantum Computing Ideas

Truth be told, quantum computing is one of the hottest ideas and works great for 2023. Pick one of our quantum computing ideas for free:

  1. Discuss a quantum algorithm
  2. What is quantum computing?
  3. Discuss adiabatic optimization
  4. Discuss quantum annealing
  5. Cryptography in quantum computing
  6. 5 requirements for quantum computing
  7. Quantum computing and financial modeling
  8. Implications for Artificial Intelligence

Computer Science Project Topics

So, you are interested in starting a computer science project. Pick one of these computer science project topics for free right now:

  1. Securing a workstation
  2. Face detection application
  3. An Android battery safer system
  4. Create your very own search engine
  5. Write a group chat app in Java
  6. Selenium browser automation applications
  7. Mitigate a DDoS attack
  8. Load balancing applications

Computer Engineering Research Topics

Researching good computer engineering topics can take hours. Why waste your time when we have some computer engineering research topics right here:

  1. Clustering in data mining
  2. The advantages of data mining
  3. The disadvantages of using big data
  4. Artificial intelligence in security applications
  5. Strong AI vs. Weak AI
  6. Pattern measurement in image processing
  7. Computer-aided image restoration methods
  8. DNA/RNA simulations using bioinformatics

Interesting Computer Science Topics

Want to make sure your professor notices your paper? No problem! Simply pick one of these interesting computer science topics:

  1. Green cloud computing
  2. Spectral clustering in data mining
  3. Fraud detection using big data
  4. AI uses of computer vision
  5. CNN Advanced Machine Learning
  6. Augmented reality vs. virtual reality

Computer Networks Topics

Writing about networks and networking never gets old. We have some highly interesting computer networks topics just for you:

  1. Create a network (practical project)
  2. Network security best practices
  3. The IPv6 protocol
  4. The TCP/IP protocol
  5. How does the Internet work?
  6. Banking computer networks

Current Topics in Computer Science

You are probably interested in writing about the newest and hottest topics, so here are some current topics in computer science:

  1. Define data science
  2. The 5G network
  3. What are swarm robots?
  4. NoSQL databases
  5. Programs creating programs
  6. Using computer science in biology

Cool Computer Security Research Topics

Do you want to impress your professor and secure a top grade? Pick one of our cool computer security research topics:

  1. Humans: the weak link in network security
  2. Analyzing the top 3 online scams
  3. Discuss endpoint security best practices
  4. IoT security
  5. What is a cyber security audit?
  6. Best algorithm for data encryption
  7. Ransomware and ways to prevent it
  8. Discuss unified user profiles

Computer Science Presentation Topics

Our team of ENL writers managed to put together an excellent list of computer science presentation topics for you:

  1. Importance of biometrics in computer security
  2. Windows vs. Linux vs. MacOS security
  3. DDoS attacks on vehicular ad hoc networks
  4. Describe a software-defined network
  5. Using artificial neural networks effectively
  6. Model-free versus model-based reinforcement learning
  7. The future of wireless: the 5G network

PhD Research Topics in Computer Science

Are you looking to start on your PhD but don’t know which topic to choose? We have some ideas of PhD research topics in computer science you might like:

  1. Database architecture: literature review
  2. Develop a novel search algorithm
  3. Creating a new network protocol
  4. Advanced computer vision in robots
  5. Write a deep learning algorithm
  6. Solving the decoherence problem with quantum computers

Computer Forensics Research Paper Topics

Ever wonder how law enforcement manages to catch cyber criminals? We have some of the best computer forensics research paper topics right here:

  1. Recovering data for computer forensics
  2. Identifying users on the darknet
  3. The Fourth Amendment and computer forensics
  4. Discuss digital steganography
  5. What is criminal profiling?
  6. Cyber surveillance

Artificial Intelligence Topics

AI is what everyone’s talking about right now, so it’s the perfect topic for 2023. Fortunately, we have some very nice artificial intelligence topics:

  1. What is reinforcement learning?
  2. Discuss recommender systems
  3. The 4 types of AI
  4. Is AI dangerous?
  5. Predicting housing price using AI
  6. AI in the medical profession

Interesting Cyber Security Ideas

Are you interested in cyber security? It’s an awesome field, we have to admit. Pick one of these interesting cyber security ideas and start writing:

  1. Best anti-virus system today
  2. Discuss secure passwords
  3. What is a brute force attack?
  4. The human element in cyber security
  5. Security awareness
  6. Working remotely security solutions

Trends in Computer Science Topics

If you like to analyze trends, computer science is one of the best subjects to try your hand on. Take a look at our trends in computer science topics:

  1. The appearance of Mini-VGA connectors
  2. Discuss multiprocessing in 2023
  3. How was the Small-Scale Experimental Machine built?
  4. Computers and education in 2023
  5. Computers and medicine in 2023
  6. The evolution of computing power
  7. What is a neural computer?
  8. The Internet of Things in 2023

Need More Computer Topics?

Didn’t find the computer topics you were looking for? No problem! In addition to our computer architecture topics, computer science controversial topics and PhD research topics in computer science, we can help students with many others. Professionals providing computer science homework help can quickly put together a list of unique computer related topics for you. All you have to do is ask.

If you need more computer science topics for research or if you just need some simple computer science essay topics, don’t hesitate to contact us. We can send you a list of original computer research topics in no time. Each one of our topics can win you a top grade.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your list of computer science research papers topics right now. Get in touch with us!

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