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Are you interested in finding the best and most interesting marketing research topics? Of course you are! The truth is that finding a good list of topics nowadays can seem like an impossible task. Every one of your classmates is scouring the Internet in search of topics. There is a huge chance that the marketing research paper topics you find will be very similar to the ones other students have found. And since you want to be as original as possible, you should use a different approach.

Do You Need Good Marketing Research Topics?

Finding marketing topics to write about that are interesting and original can take you many hours. But why would you spend so much time when we have the perfect list for you? We have asked our experienced academic writers to come up with a list of topics. Of course, our list of marketing research topics is free. You can use any topic you find below as it is or reword it to suit your needs. It’s entirely up to you.

Want to Get Bonus Points?

Do you want to write about the best hot topics in marketing? Or perhaps you think some controversial marketing topics will impress your professor.

The truth is that interesting topics will most likely get you some bonus points.

Your professor is bored and tired to read essays on the same old topics time and time again. Give your professor something new and you’ll almost surely get a top grade, even if the paper is not stellar. We also advise you to take a look at our recent post with business topics.

Digital Marketing Topics

Digital marketing topics are perhaps some of the easiest marketing essay topics you can write about. However, you need to make sure they are original:

  1. What is A/B testing?
  2. Define experiential marketing.
  3. Influencer marketing basics.
  4. What is growth hacking?
  5. Creating a digital campaign in 6 easy steps.

Marketing Blog Topics

If you have a marketing blog and you need some ideas for the next blog post, you’ve arrived at the right place. Pick any of our ideas:

  1. How does a customer experience opportunity look like?
  2. The many advantages of using geolocation.
  3. The advantages of local marketing.
  4. The disadvantages of luxury branding strategies.
  5. How can you achieve marketing automation?

Marketing Research Topics for College Students

Of course, our list of 100 free topics would not be complete without some marketing research topics for college students. Pick any of these for your next essay:

  1. The best multi-channel marketing techniques in 2023.
  2. The best content marketing technique.
  3. Here is how you analyze social engagement data.
  4. What is content marketing authority?
  5. How does visual content marketing work?

Hot Topics in Marketing

Are you looking for some hot topics in marketing? We have some of the best topics at the time of writing right here. You can use any one of these ideas:

  1. Making the most of IAB Rising Star Ads.
  2. Here is how content curation helps your business.
  3. Do you really need a mobile website for your business?
  4. The best way to achieve storytelling mastery.
  5. Top three ways to do mobile marketing in 2023.
  6. Analyzing the path to purchase mobile users take in Australia.

Controversial Marketing Topics

Why would you be afraid to talk about controversial marketing topics? We have some of the best ideas for you right here:

  1. Google’s SEO rank takes social media data into account.
  2. PLSs or paid advertising: which is better?
  3. Grey hat SEO techniques are safe from Google retribution.
  4. Google clearly favors huge brands.
  5. Why on-page SEO is of no use in 2023.

Marketing Plan Topics

You can talk about content marketing topics or about making a good marketing plan. All you need is a good idea to get you started. Pick one of these:

  1. How to make a good social marketing plan in 5 steps.
  2. An international marketing plan you can adapt to any business.
  3. Why you should start your marketing efforts with a good plan.
  4. What is a tactical marketing plan?
  5. The marketing plan is different from the marketing strategy.

International Marketing Topics

Finding good international marketing topics can be a very difficult task. The good news is that our writers managed to put together a great list for you:

  1. International even marketing to create more band awareness.
  2. Top tips that will help you market your products on the international market.
  3. Here are the best ways to succeed at localization.
  4. The differences between local companies and international brands.
  5. Best way to find your target market abroad in 2023.

Marketing Thesis Topics

Do you need to write your thesis but don’t know where to begin? Take a look at our marketing thesis topics and pick the right ones for you:

  1. The similarities between political campaigns and advertising.
  2. How does celebrity endorsement influence ROI?
  3. Use AI to take the best decisions in marketing.
  4. Using augmented reality for marketing purposes.
  5. Here is how companies benefit from your impulsive buying habits.

Marketing Paper Topics for High School

If you are looking for a great topic in marketing and want to write about something relatively simple, pick one of our marketing paper topics for high school students:

  1. The prerequisites of a good brand name.
  2. How do you comply with the GDPR?
  3. The success story of eBay.
  4. How did Brexit affect the marketing budgets of British companies?
  5. The success story of Amazon.

Digital Marketing Blog Topics

You can discuss about strategic marketing problems or about best strategies for digital marketing. The world is going digital fast. Pick a topic right now and start writing:

  1. Here is how to correctly promote your brand on Pinterest.
  2. Can Linkedin be used to market products?
  3. The disadvantages of social media marketing.
  4. The most effective form of digital marketing.
  5. Learn how to increase your following on social media.

Sports Marketing Topics

If you are desperately looking for sport marketing research topics, you are in luck. Our professional academic writers have some very interesting ideas for you:

  1. Best way to make money from opportunities in sports.
  2. AI chatbots can improve fan loyalty.
  3. Marketing in the international wearables market.
  4. Is brand awareness more important than ROI?
  5. How to gain the trust of sports fans online.

Affiliate Marketing Topics

Talking about affiliate marketing topics shouldn’t scare you. Even though affiliate marketing is a pretty difficult field, there are some good easy topics you can write about:

  1. Getting started with affiliate marketing.
  2. Best marketing strategies for affiliate offers.
  3. Here is why you should sell leads directly.
  4. Here is how to set the correct commission.
  5. Three proven ways to increase sales using affiliate marketing strategies.

Marketing Dissertation Topics

When you need to write your dissertation, you should definitely take a look at our marketing dissertation topics. You can modify any of these topics and use them:

  1. Brand loyalty: A case study of eBay.
  2. A case study of Tesco and their relationship marketing efforts.
  3. Different prospecting methods online and offline.
  4. The influence of culture on automotive sales by country.
  5. The main motives a customer buys a product from Amazon.

Marketing Presentation Topics

You can talk about marketing problems in companies or about anything else in a presentation, of course. Here are some good examples to get you started:

  1. What is ROI and how it’s affected by brand awareness?
  2. Personalized communications with customers: tips for success.
  3. Three SEO strategies that will increase your traffic.
  4. Here is how you build the customer trust correctly.
  5. Globalization effects on the behavior of customers.

Ethical Issues in Marketing

Yes there are plenty of ethical issues in marketing. This is precisely why you should write an essay about one or more of them:

  1. Immersion marketing and its ethical implications.
  2. Sponsored posts and the use of clickbaiting techniques.
  3. The ethics of taking advantage of impulse buying behavior.
  4. Targeting ads based on Web browser history.
  5. Black hat SEO and its negative effects.

Global Marketing Issues

You can get an A+ by writing a paper on global marketing issues. And the good news is that we have some excellent topics for you right here:

  1. Best ways to get your readers to see new content.
  2. The importance of voice search optimization.
  3. Organic reach to social media is diminishing at an alarming rate.
  4. How the COVID-19 virus devastated the global economy.
  5. Social media and its effects on the customer’s buying choice.

Current Marketing Issues

Just look at the various headlines in newspapers and you’ll find out there are plenty of marketing problems to talk about. Examples include:

  1. Reaching potential readers with written content.
  2. The limitations of video marketing.
  3. The percentage of videos that are actually going viral.
  4. Getting customers to buy from you instead of Amazon.
  5. Virtual reality in marketing: the limitations.

Social Issues In Marketing

If you want to make a point or are bothered by some marketing issues, you should write about social issues in marketing. Here are some topics you can use right now:

  1. Are social media metrics accurate?
  2. Marketing products to children locally.
  3. The problem with GDPR and marketing.
  4. Do cultural differences affect your ROI?
  5. Do YouTube ads convert as advertised?

Marketing Development Topics

When it comes to marketing development topics, you probably don’t know which one to pick. Whatever you do, pick one that is 100% original:

  1. Developing a strong local brand.
  2. Developing a strong international brand.
  3. Developing the best marketing plan for the US market.
  4. Developing the best marketing plan for the British market.
  5. Keeping up to date with the latest marketing trends.

Easy Marketing Topics for Research

Do you have just a day or two left before you need to submit the essay? Use one of our easy marketing topics for research papers right now:

  1. The most important parts of a marketing plan.
  2. Building a personal website for marketing purposes.
  3. How to market a product on Facebook.
  4. Easy ways to improve ROI.

If you need more topic ideas or professional writing assistance, don’t hesitate to contact our assignment helpers. We’re always ready to provide you with up-to-date guides, best topics, and expert advice.

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