Top 100 Technology Research Topics For All Students

technology research topics

Modern students have many science and technology topics to choose from. That’s because the world keeps changing as technology evolves. Most technological changes are beneficial, though some come with negative effects. When handling technology research topics, students should select simple issues that affect more people. They should also note both the positive and negative effects of technological leaps. What’s more, students should come up with technology topics that will draw in their readers.

How to Select Technology Research Topics

When selecting topics about technology, students want to ensure that they are not boring or overdone. Innovative and interesting topics motivate and intrigue readers. They make them want to read papers or essays entirely.

Our assignment writers advise to consider the following when selecting research topics on technology:

  • Study field- Students should select interesting technology topics in their study fields. Interest and passion in a topic within the student’s study field makes exploring the available information and themes easier.
  • Clarity- Ideal technology presentation topics are clear to understand, research, and write about. They also have clear supporting points.
  • Specific and precise- A research paper is a thorough and accurate work. Therefore, the chosen topic should have specific and precise supporting facts.
  • Innovation- Hot topics in technology enable learners to be innovative. They allow them to take different perspectives when addressing the matter in question.

Without the right topics on technology, writing research papers become the worst nightmare for learners. Here are some of the best technology research paper topics that you can choose from when asked to complete this task.

Information Technology Topics for Research

The information technology study field is broad with many topics to consider. However, not every topic might be ideal for you as a student. Here are some of the best information technology research topics to consider when asked to write an essay or term paper.

  1. How technology is changing how humans read
  2. Is finding information online quickly good or bad?
  3. Does online format make readers skim instead of digesting information?
  4. How do humans gauge intelligence?
  5. How have humans been changed by Google search?
  6. How should teaching be changed to incorporate modern technologies?
  7. Is teaching students how to use iPads, social media, Smart Boards, and other technologies important?
  8. Is the intelligence that is developed through research and conventional reading being lost in the digital age?
  9. Does using the internet make humans smarter?
  10. Do we get the best information when Google prefers its brand?
  11. How do blogs compare to books?
  12. Should websites like Wikipedia be regulated because they may provide information that might not be necessarily credible?
  13. Should parents and schools discourage or encourage media use by children?
  14. Is teaching students traditional research skills important in today’s world?
  15. How is digital reading different from print reading?
  16. Does Google affect attention span among young people?
  17. Entertainment technology- Is it something bad or good?
  18. What ethical objection is DNA information storage facing?
  19. Is the line between a computer and the human brain becoming blurred?
  20. How good is the unlimited storage of data? – How should humans manage large information amounts?

It’s no doubt that you have many information technology research topics to choose from. Nevertheless, choose a topic in your study field that you find interesting to research and write about.

Computer Technology Topics for Research

A Smartphone can hold more information that a room-sized computer that man used to go to the moon. This is just one of the innovations that have happened in the computer science field. Computer science is generally a great source of research topics about technology. But, to write great computer science papers, learners should select technology related topics they find interesting. Here are some of the best topics in computer technology to consider.

  1. Which computer science will be the most crucial in the future and why?
  2. How will bioinformatics and big data change biology?
  3. How is Google remaking itself into the first machine learning company?
  4. Discuss the future of Machine Learning
  5. Where is software and hardware borderline in cloud computing?
  6. What effects will moving everything into the cloud have?
  7. Can robots learn to be more like humans and intelligent when learning is reinforced?
  8. How will computer programmers protect their devices when open-source becomes trendy in computer science?
  9. Explain what machine learning is
  10. How important is machine learning?
  11. Which sectors will be affected the most by machine learning?
  12. How will entertainment be changed by virtualization?
  13. What is virtualization?
  14. How will education be changed by virtual reality?
  15. Is virtual reality something good or bad?
  16. What’s next for the internet?
  17. How can the internet be improved?
  18. How is the healthcare sector being changed by robots?
  19. What will human beings do if computers take over most of the tasks they currently do?
  20. Is there a computer language that is yet to be invented?

Relationships and Technology Topics

Technology impacts human relationships in different ways. Using technology to establish and maintain relationships is also commonplace. As such, this category has some of the best technology speech topics. But, there are also controversial technology topics that you can explore and write about in this category. Here are some of the best technology debate topics to consider.

  1. Explain how “phubbing” is ruining social relationships
  2. Is social media changing human relationships in good or bad ways?
  3. Is monitoring and limiting social media intake important?
  4. Is technology addiction something to worry about?
  5. Are social media distractions influencing the workplace negatively?
  6. How has the media hurt family communication?
  7. Do the media help family communications?
  8. How do the media enhance communication in romantic relationships and friendships?
  9. How should partners manage technology in their relationships?
  10. How can partners use technology to maintain relationships?
  11. When is texting considered wrong?
  12. Should college classrooms use technology?
  13. How can social media be incorporated in classrooms by educators?
  14. How can educators incorporate technology into their teaching?
  15. How do social media and cell phones make relationships among family members stronger?
  16. How texting has changed how humans communicate
  17. Have social media and texting damaged the ability to communicate personally?
  18. Should schools and companies implement social rules when it comes to the use of cell phones?
  19. How has technology changed workplace interactions?
  20. How to manage social networking profiles- Why is it important?

Human Identity and Technology Topics

Human identity and technology is an important field of research. Some of the best technology security topics belong to this category. That’s because the security of a person can be compromised if information about their identity gets to the wrong hands. This is also the category where students can find controversial topics in technology. Here are some of the best topics on human identity and technology.

  1. What is a self? – How can the scientific investigation be used to find it?
  2. Does science have the final say on who a person is?
  3. How is virtual reality changing humans?
  4. Virtual reality is the future- Discuss
  5. Virtual reality research should be limited- Explain
  6. What are the benefits and uses of virtual reality?
  7. Should multi-racial identification be more common?
  8. Is ancestry DNA testing important?
  9. How crucial is DNA information when it comes to forming a person’s identity?
  10. How to determine racial identity- Use DNA, appearance, family, or cultural environment?
  11. Should scientific research on humans be limited?
  12. Who should decide the extent to which medical research goes?
  13. What is human life dignity?
  14. How should human dignity be observed in medical situations
  15. Should human life be considered important than the life of animals?
  16. Is it ethical to control the human brain
  17. Is finding alternative treatment for mental illness important?
  18. How should mental illness be treated?
  19. If possible, should humans control addictions using technologies?
  20. Should technology be used to control the human brain?- What dangers can this cause?

Health Technology Topics

Health technology is one of the fields to find the best research topics. Most learners find the best educational technology topics in this field. Nevertheless, writing a great paper or essay on a topic in this category requires knowledge and extensive research. Here are some of the best health and technology essay topics to consider.

  1. Discuss the organ transplant procedure
  2. How to improve the organ donation experience
  3. How do humans use technology to define death?
  4. How a person is technologically considered dead
  5. Should technology be used to redefine brain death?
  6. Should an organ donor be given pain medications?
  7. How painful is donating an organ?
  8. Should the patient or their loved ones choose organ donation for them?
  9. How can donors’ shortage problem be solved when it comes to organ replacement?
  10. Regenerating the human limbs- Will this be realized in our lifetime?
  11. How to help a person that has lost their limb using technology
  12. Is using animal tissues in people ethical?
  13. Does practical research in health projects require more funding?
  14. Should medical costs for soldiers be factored when considering war?
  15. How technology can be used to solve the problem of Type 2 diabetes
  16. How to treat morbid obesity using technology
  17. Using bypass surgeries as a type 2 diabetes standard cure
  18. Why diabetes has increased recently in the U.S
  19. How much of obesity and type 2 diabetes genetic or behavior?
  20. Should diabetes and obesity patients pay form for their healthcare?

These are also some of the best technology argumentative essay topics. Don’t hesitate to check out our genetic engineering topics as well. Nevertheless, learners must research extensively to write papers or essays that will earn them amazing grades.

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