Top 50 Business Topics For Your Academic Research

business topics

Business topics are not new to those pursuing business courses in colleges and universities. However, it’s easy to get stuck when choosing a topic for a research paper. That’s because you don’t want to choose a too broad topic or one that is not interesting to your readers. Simple and less interesting business research topics earn low grades.

Nevertheless, the current world is full of inspiration. And finding business topics for research paper is now easy thanks to the internet. Whether you’re pursuing a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree, or a Ph.D., you can find many topics to research and write about.

The Most Interesting Business Topics

Choosing the right business essay topics can be challenging because business studies and the world keep getting complex. To writing an intriguing paper or essay, you must select an interesting topic. Essentially, the topic you choose to write about must be interesting and engaging. This is very important because you will spend a lot of time researching and writing about the topic that you choose. Therefore, make sure that it’s interesting to ensure that you enjoy the research and writing process. Also, professors award better grades to students that write about interesting business related topics. Here are some of the most interesting topics to consider when writing an essay or research paper.

  1. How to create healthy work environments
  2. The best countries to invest in
  3. Why internet advertising is the most popular way to advertise a business
  4. Business ethics laws comparison
  5. What business leadership entails
  6. Challenges facing small enterprising
  7. Workplace diversity regulation
  8. Is the word of mouth still powerful in the digital era?
  9. Opening individual business versus franchising
  10. How does engaging in charity work benefit companies?

Best Business Law Topics

Business law is broad and diverse. That means students should narrow their business law topics for research paper. Essentially, a good topic in this category should be more focused. Additionally, choose an interesting and unique topic, rather than a commonly researched one to get a good grade. Here are some of the best business law paper topics that you can use for inspiration.

  1. Should business authors use nom de plumes or legal names to protect their work?
  2. How should authority be defined before starting negotiations?
  3. How can a company be saved by non-disclosure agreements from former employees?
  4. What should companies do to ensure that former employees do not join their rivals?
  5. How should recording companies represent copyright law for artists and singers
  6. How do federal law and state law affect cannabis businesses in the United States?
  7. Should some corporate crimes attract a death penalty?
  8. Are alcohol consumption and sale laws beneficial for the wellbeing of the public?
  9. How has insider trading been defined over the years?
  10. Can a state official succeed after being dismissed based on a corruption case?

Business Communication Topics

This category has some of the most preferred business research topics for college students. That’s because communication is at the core of the business. When doing business, people communicate with customers, clients, organizations, and government representatives. Today, business is not limited to written exchanges and telephone. Using technology, business people can communicate in different ways.

Even business persuasive speech topics and business debate topics fall in this category. Here are some of the best communication topics that you can base your business paper on.

  1. Explain how business communication differs from general communication
  2. Internal business communication versus external business communication
  3. How necessary is communication in any business?
  4. How does modern business communication use technology in a global environment?
  5. Explain how business communication generates actions from recipients
  6. Which document types require business communication?
  7. Discuss the four major elements of any business communication
  8. How does business communication affect the external image of a company?
  9. How to explore different channels and mediums for business communication
  10. How important is active listening in business communication?

When looking for business speech topics, students can consider some of these titles. Nevertheless, learners should conduct extensive research to come up with comprehensive and relevant information to include in their papers or speeches.

Business Ethics Paper Topics

Some students confuse business law essay topics with business ethics research paper topics. However, business ethics are about morality, business behavior, integrity, and duties. They are about anything good or bad for society, employees, and the company. Due to the increasing ethical issues that affect the corporate world, students have many business ethics topics to consider. Here are some of the hot business topics that learners can choose in this category.

  1. How to avoid workplace sexual harassment
  2. Are business ethics for the manager and personnel the same?
  3. How moral principles affect decision-making in business
  4. Why are unethical behaviors common in workplaces?
  5. Discuss the psychology and history of business ethics
  6. Moral judgment- Does it take place in the business world?
  7. How can an ethical mistake lead to the bankruptcy of a company?
  8. How to take responsibility for the corporative ethics of a company
  9. Do companies need ethical codes?
  10. Should a business be honest with its customers on everything?

This category has some of the most controversial business topics. That’s because people have varying opinions about ethical issues. Nevertheless, learners can score good grades by choosing these topics and conducting extensive research before writing. What’s more, this category can also have great business presentation topics.

Business Management Topics

Business research proposal topics about management should be interesting because there are many sources and facets to consider. Nevertheless, finding a focused and narrow topic is very important because it will enable you to write a fine paper. To help you in this endeavor, here are some of the most interesting business proposal topics on management that you can consider.

  1. Role of women in the business world
  2. How to manage conflict at the workplace
  3. Management issues that affect business startups
  4. How excessive work affects business
  5. Why you should start a new business after the first one fails
  6. How to manage a crisis in an organization
  7. Leadership and network management in an organization
  8. Product and service development in strategic alliances
  9. How to manage a social enterprise
  10. Innovation as a strategic in network markets

This category also has some of the best international business topics. That’s because management issues affect businesses across the globe. However, these topics require extensive research to come up with solid papers.

Whether you need business informative speech topics or a great topic for your research paper, you have many options to consider. However, choose an interesting topic that will impress your educator to award you a good grade. Also, contact our business writers to make sure that you will have adequate sources of information to write a brilliant paper or essay on your chosen topic.

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