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Before launching into how to write an essay for GED, you need a basic understanding of what GED is and what it stands for. So, what is GED? GED stands for General Educational Development. It is simply referred to as GED on the website.

Then, what is GED test? GED test is a group of tests on four subjects that gives the test taker an equivalent certificate to a high school diploma. A Certificate of High School Equivalency is awarded to people who pass by the States and jurisdictions. It has some common features with Standardized College Admissions Test.

What is a GED Essay? The GED Essay is one of the tests in the GED Language Arts (RLA) tests. A GED Essay is also known as an Extended Response. Let’s look into how to write the essay, GED essay topics, sample, prompts, and tips on writing and passing the essay.

Structure Of A GED Essay

The GED writing practice test essay is written online only. You don’t have to be fast in typing to pass but a moderate speed is important as you would have only about 45 minutes to finish planning and writing the essay.

The structure of a proper GED Language Arts Essay is consistent. It is the basic structure of writing an essay. Your essay should be arranged as follows; the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. The essay is an argumentative essay but not in the regular structure of an argumentative essay.

What you are expected to do when writing your GED test online is to present an analysis of both sides of the argument and explain which side of the argument is stronger. You don’t have to write a creative essay, you just have to ensure you write proper grammar. It is not a person that will mark your essay. You have to ensure you write your correct answers that the machines will recognize.

The acceptable standard is to write a five-paragraph essay that fits into this structure. Here is what is expected in the structure of your GED essay:

  • Introduction: The introduction is the first paragraph of the essay. At this point, you state your claim and thesis statement. State your position and stand by it.
  • The Body: In this part of the essay, you present your reasons and evidence. Usually the longest part of the essay, you should write at least two paragraphs.
  • Conclusion: This paragraph concludes your essay by emphasizing your standpoint. Restate the strongest points of your view.

Examples of Topics In A GED Essay

For writing your GED essay topic, you would be provided a stimulus and a prompt. The stimulus material is a text that gives you two opposing sides of an argument. The prompt is the instructions on what you need to do.

You can read through GED essay examples to know how the topics are written. A good GED essay example will also help you know the style and tone with which you are to write your essay. Some GED essays topics are:

  • An Analysis of Daylight-Saving Time
  • Should The Penny Stay In Circulation?
  • Is Golf A Sport?
  • What is the true meaning of honesty?
  • Is the current high school system sufficient to educate our country’s youth?

It is very important to not write the GED Essay unprepared. You can take a GED essay practice test online that will help you gauge your skills before the actual exam. There are also great GED essay samples that you should take your time to go through. Ensure that you practice as many samples as you can before the actual essay. Professional writers can help as well.

Tips On Writing A Good GED Essay

There is a methodology for everything and GED essays are not an exception. When you might not be able to predict your stimulus or prompt, certain things need to be in place in your mind to pass the essay. These GED Essay tips will ensure that you do not just pass your test but do so, excellently.

Some tips that should be at the back of your mind when writing a GED essay are:

  1. Read your GED Essay Prompts and Stimulus Thoroughly: Take your time to meticulously read the questions ND figure out what it is about. Try to understand the topic and what is expected in your answers. Do not rush to answer the questions. You can even highlight certain words or phrases in the stimulus so you can always look back to confirm that you are on track.
  2. Plan the Outline of your Essay: Plan how you would progressively move through the structure of your essay. From the introduction to the conclusion, ensure you know what you are going to write before you set the pen on paper. The outline will help you save time on thinking what next when writing. It also helps you progressively write the essay without losing sight of the goal.
  3. Focus On The Subject: Every paragraph you write should either support your side of the argument or weaken the other end of the opponent. State your evidence, showing that you understand the claim you have chosen. Also, point out evidence in the stimulus that supports your claim.
  4. Proofread and Revise Your Essay: Make sure you leave enough time for proofreading and revision. Mistakes are human, you might find that you have spelled a word incorrectly or forgotten to punctuate. Proofreading and revising your essay assures you that you have written an essay correctly and from a justified and clear view. Make sure to let others proofread your essay as well, and provide you with some essay homework help.

If you can follow these tips and prepare adequately for the essay, you are sure to pass well in your GED writing test.

How Are GED Essays Graded?

As you know, the GED Essay is written online and graded by machines. Since you cannot sway the marker’s opinion with creative writing or big words, it is important to know how it is the test is graded and type accordingly.

The machines are programmed to grade the essay according to five criteria. The criteria are:

  • Organization: How clear and presentable is your ideas and strategies in the essay?
  • Clear and Swift Response: Did you answer the question without changing focal points?
  • Progress and Details: Did you use relevant examples and go into specific details instead of just stating what is in the stimulus? Do your arguments follow progressively?
  • Grammar Rules Of English: Do you have a good command of English writing techniques? Was your sentence structure, punctuation, spelling, syntax, and grammar in place? Did you take the time to edit and proofread before submitting it?
  • Word Choice: Did you use the right words to express your point of view?

Writing the GED Essay can be very easy with adequate practice and the right materials at hand. You just have to follow the right structure, read your stimulus and prompt well, and write to the best of your ability. GED is simple to pass if you just have the right knowledge and follow it.

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