A Step-by-Step Guide to Writing a Great Letter of Recommendation for Student

Letter of Recommendation for Student

A letter of recommendation is perhaps the most important document when a student is applying for a job, university placement, or scholarship. It serves as a character witness to the company or university that the student is applying to join. If you craft an honest and positive letter, it will be very helpful to making the applicant stand out from others. In this post, we will provide special tips that you can use to craft a winning letter of recommendation for student.

What is a Recommendation Letter for Student?

Before delving into the mechanics of writing a great letter of recommendation for college students, it is important to start by understanding what it is.

As the name suggests, this is a type of document that helps to highlight a student’s character, work ethics and trait to aid them to get through a job application. The letter can also be used to help the student gain entry to an academic program.

A recommendation letter for student is written by a person who has spent time with the student and is believed to understand him well. Therefore, it acts as a reference account about the applicant’s qualifications, such as strengths, goals, skills and accomplishments.

How to Write a Letter of Recommendation for a Student

As one of the documents that could ultimately define the future and success of a student, you want to make sure that the recommendation letter is factual and professional in every way. So here is a demonstration of how to write a recommendation letter for a student.

  • Ask Your Student for his/her Qualifications

To make the letter of recommendation more effective, you need to ensure it is as factual as possible. Therefore, start by asking the student to provide you with academic achievements and other extracurricular activities. Further, ask the student about the program or the job he is applying for. This will help you to carefully tailor the recommendation letter. Remember that your aim is being the student’s advocate by showcasing their success. Here, you might want to check a sample letter of recommendation for student from a top writer for insights.

  • Make Sure to Address the Letter Properly

When you address the letter well, it will easily reach the targeted person or office. Therefore, make sure to ask the student who the addressee is. Good examples include the hiring manager, program director, or departmental head. Note that if the student will be using the recommendation letter to apply for a position in a number of university programs, it is advisable to keep the address general.

  • Introduce Yourself Well on the Letter

When the letter of recommendation finally reaches the targeted person, your credibility is crucial about the opinion of the subject, the student. Therefore, you should start the letter by clearly identifying yourself. Tell the recipient why you are qualified to speak on the student’s behalf. Here is a sample personal introduction:

Dear Mr. Jonathan,

My name is Emily Dennison, and I had the pleasure of teaching Jennings Ortiz at the Summer Riverside Park High School. I am the head of the chemistry department, and Jennings is in my class on Analytical Chemistry, in his last year. …… “

  • Carefully Highlight the Student’s Qualifications

Most universities and companies are interested in candidates who can help to promote their organizations’ growth. A HR manager will be interested in a student who is capable of promoting the business brand while an admission’s counselor will want a learner who can participate in clubs and movements. Therefore, make sure to indicate the student’s qualifications, including the extracurricular activities in the school. The things to highlight include:

  1. Academic excellence.
  2. Sports participation.
  3. Competitions and awards.
  4. Leadership roles.
  5. Participation in clubs.
  • Conclude College Recommendation Letter

In the end, you can close the letter by restating your support for the student and why you believe in his qualifications. Here, you might also consider adding several lines of communication so that they can contact you – email, phone, or website. Here is a sample conclusion of a letter of recommendation for college admission.

I would be happy for more discussion on Jennings’s accolades in the college and away. You can reach me using my phone at 657-000-0000 or email at EmilyDennison@yahoo.com.”

Finally, remember to sign off the letter by including your name and title.

Special Tips for Writing a Recommendation Letter Sample for Student

To write a winning recommendation letter, here are some pro tips that you should always follow.

  • Do not give false information about the student.
  • Read and follow another top college recommendation letter sample to understand the different formats that work.
  • Always be positive when writing a recommendation letter for your students.
  • Be brief and to the point.
  • Ensure your letter does not have grammar mistakes.
  • Make the letter simple to read and understand.

Seek Writing Help from Experts

When it comes to writing a recommendation letter, many people feel inadequate about the entire process. Well, whether you are busy with other tasks or do not have the required writing skills, the best option is seeking writing help from professionals. They are pros in writing letters and will craft the best recommendation letter that will make your student sparkle in every aspect.

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