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1000 word essay

You’ve probably wondered “how long does it take to write a 1000 word essay” at some point in your college or graduate school career. This may have come when you first learned about the assignment or when you first left it until the last minute to do. It’s actually a lot faster to complete than you might think. You just have to stay calm and learn how to work efficiently while under pressure, carefully managing your time and staying on top of all the necessary tasks.

How Long Is A 1000 Word Essay?

The answer to “how many pages is a 1000 word essay?” can be anything between 1 to 3 pages depending on how you choose to format and structure the assignment. 500 words to pages, 2 pages if you use single spacing.

Not so intimidating, is it? You should be able to surpass this mark through solid freewriting, if you’re also wondering how long does it take to write 1000 words. The real challenge comes when you revise and edit your work to get below this requirement. The issue students have with this type of assignment is that they don’t know where to begin or are confused about what is actually being asked of them. Let’s break clear up the confusion by explaining what the different types of assignments are.

Types Of 1000 Word Paper And Their Specifics

Here are some of the popular types of 1000 word essays, and some specifics about them:

  • Argumentative Writing Assignment
    This is the bread and butter of academic writing. 1000 word essay examples show that opinionated writing is what pushes the boundaries of discovery. You choose a topic and present an argument for or against a belief. It can be as simple as choosing bananas over strawberries or as complicated as creationism over evolution.
  • Expository Writing Assignment
    Explain. This is what you need to do when it comes to this kind of assignment. Pick a topic and learn everything you can about it, much like a journalist would. Then describe every detail about it by presenting a careful analysis of it and leaving it up to the reader to come up with his or her opinion about said topic.
  • Narrative Writing Assignment
    This type of essay is a student favorite because it simply asks that they write about a specific event. It’s essentially storytelling and utilizes descriptions to create a picture in the reader’s mind. If required to write 1000 word essay pages in this genre, your goal should be to jump right into the narrative. If you’re wondering “How long is an 1000 word essay?” you will find that you can quickly run out of room – so be sure no words or phrases are wasted.
  • Descriptive Writing Assignment
    This is likely one of the shortest assignments you will have to do. And 1000 words are just about the right amount to describe or summarize whatever topic you deal with. You won’t have to do too much investigative work (like you would in an argumentative piece) but will rely more on your own experiences on the topic at hand.

How To Write A 1000 Word Essay

Now, that you have an idea about the types of essays, checkout the process of writing one:

  1. Introduction Paragraph
    Your introduction should start with a hook to capture the reader’s attention. This is followed with a few sentences putting your topic into context and providing necessary background information. End the paragraph with a thesis statement that clearly states your position on the topic. The paragraph for this kind of essay should be about 150 words max.
  2. Body Paragraphs
    When you think about “How much is a 1000 word essay?” and are trying to divide up the words into sections, you should reserve about 700 words to the central part of your assignment. If you plan on a standard 5-paragraph piece then you will need to aim for about 233 words per body paragraph.
  3. Conclusion Paragraphs
    In your conclusion, be sure to summarize and synthesize the information you have presented in the body paragraphs. Don’t bring up any new information. You should stick to the subject and effectively remind the reader how your supporting evidence and examples prove your argument. End your conclusion with a strong statement that leaves an impression on your reader.

How To Choose A 1000 Word Essay Topic

Make sure you select a topic you are completely comfortable with, but don’t choose something you know everything about. You should aim to explore new things and answer questions you didn’t have any knowledge about. Your enthusiasm should come through in your writing, thus making your assignment much more enjoyable for the reader.

Select Original 1000 Word Essay Topics

The following are six 1000 word essay example topics to give you a sense of the kinds of things you can write about for an assignment of this length in any discipline. The topics are not arranged by specific subjects, but you can see how easily it is to brainstorm great ideas by just asking yourself interesting questions. If you do have the chance to choose your own topic for an assignment, make sure you run it by your teacher first for approval.

  1. What are the most promising advances to cancer research made in the last decade that the government and medical communities should invest in more?
  2. Are humans consuming too many food additives? What are the long-term effects and is it the food companies’ responsibility to inform the public of dangers?
  3. Are young adults spending too much time playing video games? Does this affect brain development in any way? Are certain genres of games more positive or negative to learning?
  4. Are people who suffer with mental disorders getting the adequate treatment so that they can lead functional lives? What about people who suffer more serious disorders like schizophrenia?
  5. Do geographical regions affect the way people interact with one another? For instance, do people who live in a rural mountain area communicate as often with others than people who live in urban flatlands?
  6. How effective is gun control in deterring or preventing violent crimes from occurring so often? Should Second Amendment Rights be overturned in response to the increasing amount of mass shootings?

Can I Write A 1000 Word Essay In One Night?

“How long is an 1000 word essay?” If you’re embarrassed to ask this you should know that it’s quite common. Students look at 1000 and think it is some astronomical figure that can never be reached. This article is over that mark and won’t take more than a couple of minutes to read. Writing something of this length, academically, should take no more than a few hours.

1000 Word Essay Example

Finally, checkout out this 1000 words essay sample from one of our best essay homework help writers to get a better idea on how to write a good essay:

The ecological theory is based on human development, which is crucial in understanding the way people behave within their environments (Bronfenbrenner, 1994). The theory underlines the stages undergone by children as they grow and affects their behavior into adulthood. Anybody in the world finds himself enveloped in different ecosystems, from their surroundings, which fosters individual development to all aspects of their lives (Paquette & Ryan, 2001). The sociological theory is useful for psychiatrists wishing to understand the nature of the patients’ behavior all along their consultation process. In Breaking Bad, the series involves some characters who demonstrate the different stages theorized by Bronfenbrenner.

The system is the environment closest to any character, containing the structures of their day-to-day contact (Paquette & Ryan, 2001). The relationships and interactions at this phase of the ecological environment are witnessed on their immediate setting, usually involving the two parents. The social structures within the microsystem form the basis for first time thinking, as they influence the child to learn the basic skills with time (Bronfenbrenner, 1994). In Breaking Bad, the sociological system is exemplified by Holly White, who is the youngest daughter to the protagonist, Walter White.

Holly learns a lot of things from her estranged father, especially during her formative years as an infant. It is revealed that Walter wanted to teach Holly many things from a parent’s perspective, which ensured their relationship blossomed, even if for a short while. Another example in the series is Walter White Jr., who is suffering from cerebral palsy even during his childhood. The environment within his confines changes leading to behavioral and even physical changes in the course of accommodating the disabled child. By walking on crutches, the young boy’s microsystem is affected by biology, leading him to develop a habit out of the empathy of others.

It includes a layer of protection around the child, spanning the outer fringes of his or her day-to-day dealings (Paquette & Ryan, 2001). The mesosystem is renowned for connecting an individual with his inner circle, usually consisting of people high in his pecking order. It is worth noting that the mesosystem includes people within the immediate environment, be it school premises of the family setup. Extended members of the family form part of the mesosystem and are usually reliant upon sound competency from these parties. In Breaking Bad, the mesosystem structure is evident in Brock, along with his relationship with Jesse Pinkman and his mother.

The relationship between Brock’s mother and Jesse is fruitful in that Jesse offers the distraught drug addict parenting tips, affecting the way in which Brock would receive parental care. If it were not for this mesosystem, then it is highly likely that Brock would have an impoverished childhood, which may alter his long-term health and physical concerns. In another development, it is rational to assume that Walter Junior benefitted from his mesosystem, especially with his earlier estranged relationship with his father. It is through these social structures that he became closer to his uncle, Hank, allowing him to seek advice and even indirect assistance from the DEA agent. As an uncle, Hank is clearly within the context of the Mesosystem, enabling him to shape the character and discipline as he called his uncle the moment he was caught buying alcohol.

The socioecological context behind exosystem is founded on the larger social setup, where things beyond the control of the child appear strong influencers in their decision and even temperament. The exosystem marks the outer fringes of social relations, allowing indirect factors to have a strong bearing on a child’s development over time (Paquette & Ryan, 2001). Exosystem is exemplified by parent working schedules, which may either place the parent in proximity or worse, missing.

In Breaking Bad, it is clear that Walter White Sr.’s drug operations have changed his occupational behavior when compared with his previous nondescript career as a chemistry teacher. The schedules imposed by the drug trade such as cooking meth makes his home appearances scarce, altering the relationship with his disease-suffering son, Junior. These conditions in their exosystem force the two to grow apart from each other and even attempts to dissociate himself from his father by adopting the name ‘Flynn” instead of using his real name, Walter White Junior.

It is also worth noting that Holly White stood a chance of losing maternal care, especially after Walter attempts to kidnap her. The disaffected father has grown weary of the drug operations, such that he uses threatening tactics against his family. It is these instances which may affect her budding growth and development as she matures without a father who may be killed by his narcotics adversaries. While still sticking to the White household, it is apparent that Walter’s schedules have a bearing on the young junior, particularly during his birthday party. It is notable that Walter fails to make an appearance at the party, reason being he had just received a beating from Jesse Pinkman. Walt Jr. tries to locate his missing father and finally finds him distraught and crying. This episode took a turn for better when the two bonded due and he even remained at his father’s residence till the next morning.

It is worth noting that this level spans the outermost layer of a child’s immediate environment (Bronfenbrenner, 1994). Macro as it is formally known, illustrates the size of the socio-ecological structures about child development. At this level, a child is inspired by the cultural values, customs, and laws forming the sociopolitical landscape (Paquette & Ryan, 2001). For instance, the typical American recreational culture involves playing video games, which is highly depicted in Breaking Bad. For instance, Jesse bonds with Brock through playing games, which go far in ensuring he develops parental instincts. The child gains from this experience by building his cognitive and impulse skills, which will aid his decision making in the near future.

Alternatively, Jesse is a firm believer in childhood games, seemingly playing Peekaboo with Spooge’s son. Such moments reveal that children are easily distracted by these recreational activities even to the point of forgetting the gruesome death that had taken place moments before. It is also worth noting that macrosystems affect the child’s thinking in the long term. For instance, Walter White understood the law and setup a fictitious website intended to launder money from his father’s trade. Such adept thinking is only obtained after having a thorough knowledge of the legalities associated with handling large amounts of money. It is clear that he had acute technical and legal skills to avoid his father declaring tax returns on the illicit income through selling narcotics.

The final socio-ecological system revolves around timing, which could have an adverse influence on the development of a budding toddler. The way people respond to systemic stimuli is different from the way they understand certain contexts. For instance, Holly is a young infant by the time of her father’s death, which may not affect her perception until she matures. On the other hand, Walt Jr. is well aware of his father’s illegal exploits, which at first changes the way they relate to each other. Another illustration is Drew Sharp, who is guilty of availing himself at the wrong time and place along the train tracks. The oblivious child is seemingly killed by his curiosity about trains as he encounters the drug dealers who have no qualms killing him instantly.

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