292 Topics On Religion: Best Ideas To Choose From

292 Topics On Religion

Religion is a very vast subject on its own; there are many branches and directions one can take when writing an essay or research paper on it. It may seem like an easy subject, but sometimes, when students are tasked with writing an in-depth, and informative essay on religion, it may be difficult to find a topic they like.

This article lists over two hundred custom topics about the different types of religion. These topics are perfect for student assignments, research papers, and can be used by professionals as well as article writers.

Religion has been defined as the belief in ultimate superhuman power that may involve a God or many gods. It often influences the believer’s lifestyle and choices. For every religion, there is a set of rules believers may follow to guide their actions while they are alive. Most religious practices differ, but one thing that is common amongst most of them is the promise of better things after death if one has abided properly by the rules of the religion while alive.

What Makes a Good Thesis Paper on Religion?

Topics regarding religion will always have different views and arguments. To appropriately put forward the point of your paper, these are characteristics your thesis should have:

A Clear and Concise Topic

Readers should be able to tell what you are writing about and your stands about it by just reading your topic alone. Your topic is like a gateway to you your paper, it promises the audience what should be expected when they dive into the entire work. That is why you must find an interesting and informative topic to write on.

A Good Structure

After your topic brings people to your paper, what keeps them is the structure. There are seven main elements of a good thesis, they include:

  • Abstract
  • This is a summary or overview of everything you have written. It is usually very short, between five and six sentences are recommended or a total of one hundred and fifty words. Though it is seen at the start of the paper, it is advisable to write the abstract after writing the paper and drawing your conclusion

  • Introduction
  • With the introduction, you are giving people an overview of your paper. You should be able to answer what is being studied in your thesis, why and how the topic is being studied. At the end of writing your paper, revisit your introduction, there might be some changes to make.

  • Literature Review
  • This is simply telling the reader about other research that has been done concerning your topic, and the gaps you intend to fill with your paper.

  • Methods
  • In this section, you should focus on telling the audience the techniques you intend to use to get data and analyze it. Explain why your chosen method is best for this topic.

  • Results
  • Here, you share the results you have gotten from your research. This chapter may involve the use of tables and graphs to help visualize your results.

  • Discussion
  • You are almost at the end of your paper. Here you discuss the results you have gathered. Feel free to give your analysis and interpretation of the data you have gathered. This is where you give all explanations, and show the reader that you understand your dissertation.

  • Conclusion
  • This is the last, and the most important chapter. Where you tell your reader of the objectives of your research has been met.

Using the structure above will keep your reader keen on going from one chapter to the other and will help you deliver your message properly.

Reliable Research

Before you start writing a thesis, make sure you have taken time to do proper research. This is something that can make or mar your paper. To make your writing credible, it is paramount that you do in-depth research and get information from reliable resources. It will not only build your knowledge but help you include truthful and credible statements in your paper. You do not want to submit a research paper with false information.

Proper Formatting

The presentation and formatting of your paper is key. One can usually tell the quality of a writer, and the contents of a paper by just looking at the formatting alone. You could have written a decent paper, but your formatting or lack of it can throw your professor off. Some formatting boxes you should check include:

  • Picking a basic font (avoid italics), and maintain a font size of 10 – 12
  • Use the same font throughout the paper
  • Proofread and spell check. Nothing spells incompetence like wrong spellings
  • Make sure your tables, graphs and figures fit into the proper margins.

Research more on formatting, and stay within the guidelines as you begin your paper.

Now that the structure and formatting of your paper is in place, let’s explore a list of topics you can pick from.

Interesting Religious Topics

There are many interesting topics about religion one may pick from for research or homework purposes. Here are some trustworthy picks you can consider:

  1. What are the major religious practices worldwide?
  2. The relation between religion and science
  3. The evolution of Christianity
  4. Is having a religion necessary?
  5. The relationship between religion and law and order.
  6. The impact of religion and crime rate in America
  7. Does religion create a better quality of people?
  8. Different religions found in Africa
  9. The evolution of Islam
  10. The history of religion in America
  11. What are the most practiced religions in America?
  12. The 3 most popular religions in the world
  13. 10 Religions you didn’t know existed
  14. Application of religion in people’s daily life
  15. The evolution of Buddhism
  16.  Understanding the idea of the Trinity
  17. The evolution of Hindi
  18. How Hindu affects the culture in India
  19. Religion and education
  20. A comparative study of the different religions in Asia
  21. The rise of Atheism
  22. Comparing the idea of souls in various religions
  23. The concept of sin across various religious beliefs
  24. Exploring the different definitions of religion
  25. Buddhists and their connection to nature
  26. The strengths and weaknesses of Christianity
  27. The strengths and weaknesses of Islam
  28. The strengths and weaknesses of Buddhism
  29. The strengths and weaknesses of Hinduism
  30. Comparing the strengths and weaknesses of various religions
  31. Theocratic state in the modern world
  32. Greek myths and their impact on European religion
  33. the modern attitude of people in Europe to myths and its impact on the development of religion and culture
  34. Are black churches different from others?
  35. Exploring world religions that have no god
  36.  Learning about female goddesses
  37.  Comparing male and female God figures
  38. Religion in Japan, and how it affects their culture
  39. The connection between myth and religion
  40. The concept of reincarnation and how it affects religion
  41. The Chinese Confucianism system
  42. Why is Christmas so important to Christians?
  43. An In-depth study of the Quran
  44. The different teaching books used by various religions
  45. Similarities and differences between culture and religion
  46. Religion in the globalized world
  47.  Religion and mental health
  48. Rituals and how they differ across religions
  49.  How religious practices has changed over the years
  50.  The discovery of space and how it affected religion.

Religion Research Topics for College Students

As a college student, you cannot escape writing research papers and essays, unless you reach out to our experts saying “write assignment for me“. You will be required to give presentations many times, and if your topics fall into religious categories, here are some good religious topics to discuss.

  1. The role of the Hijab in the Muslim faith
  2. Exploring the interdependence of religion, politics and laws
  3. The similarities between morality and religious
  4. Comparison between religious and non-religious communities
  5. Archeological facts that back religion
  6. Should religion be taught in schools?
  7. The importance of religion in America’s history.
  8. Exploring African American religion
  9. The history of religion in Europe
  10. The controversy between historians view of evolution and religious views
  11. How the modern world affected the rise of atheism
  12.  The difference between culture and religion
  13. Study of the difference in the belief of afterlife in select religions.
  14. Animism and Totemic: Are these considered religions?
  15. The influence of Animism and Totemic on modern religions
  16. How religion impacts the formation of laws in countries of the world
  17. Traditional treatment of women in various religions
  18. The connection between science and religion
  19. The differences between polytheism and monotheism
  20. Similarities and differences that can be found in monotheistic cultures
  21.  Religions that cater to the needs of women
  22. Yoga and its impact on religion
  23. The similarities and differences in religious holidays
  24. How technology has affected religion: positively and negatively
  25. Delving into the Bible
  26. Religion and crime: How they affect punishment and forgiveness
  27. Religion and how it has affected poetry and literature
  28. The role of religion in international relationships
  29. The role of religion in marriage
  30.  Religious beliefs and medicine
  31. How important is sacrifice in various religions?
  32. Importance of religion to family connection
  33. Religion and class
  34. The different classifications of non-believers
  35. Magic and illusions and how they affect religion
  36. How religion affects children, teenagers and adolescents
  37. How religious leaders affect beliefs and followership
  38. The rise of sexual crimes in the religious environment
  39. The connections between religion and history
  40. Religious methods of building peace: Do they work?
  41. Who is a saint? Features that qualifies a person to become a saint
  42. Religion and how it affects tourism
  43. The religions and cultural traditions practiced in ancient Egypt
  44.  Polygamy and monogamy in the views of religion
  45. Religious education in same gender schools
  46.  New religious movements.

Controversial World Religion Paper Topics

Religion cannot exist without controversy. There are different religious beliefs and this gives room for criticisms and discussions. Some controversial world religion paper topics to explore include:

  1. Some unacceptable religious practices
  2. The role of religion in gender inequality
  3. The role of religion in slavery
  4. Is religion necessary in politics?
  5. The role of religion in Israel’s war
  6. Religious practices that should be banned
  7. Religious stories. Truth or myth?
  8. Should religion affect education?
  9. Is education affecting people’s religious beliefs?
  10. Has religion brought more war than peace?
  11.  What is the role of fear in religion?
  12. Religion or manipulation?
  13. The role of religion in poverty
  14. Will your faith get you rich?
  15. Exploitation and religion worldwide
  16. Religious history of creation vs. Science
  17. Discrimination of Hijabs wearers in the workplace
  18. Conflicts between religious and atheists beliefs
  19. The role of religion in terrorism
  20. Has religion played a role in world peace
  21. Influence of Islam on the creation of national legislation system in countries of the Middle East
  22. Is religion a tool of oppression for women?
  23. Science vs. Religion
  24. Negativity of religion
  25. The conflict between religion and homosexuality
  26. Female clergies and their impact on religion
  27. Significant causes of faith-based crises
  28. Psychologists vs. Religious counselors
  29. Effects of forcing religion on people
  30. Significant difference between the Bible and the Quran
  31. How religion has negatively impacted mental health?
  32. Who benefits from religion? The worshipers or the clergy?
  33. Religious practices that should be stopped
  34. Religions that ban modern medicine
  35. The financial responsibilities required by the religious
  36. How religion causes a negative impact on family life
  37. Religion as a cause of discrimination and classism
  38. Infringing of human rights in the guise of evangelism
  39. The rise of fake miracles in Christian churches
  40. Forcing religion on teenagers and young adults
  41. Conversion Therapy
  42.  What are the differences and similarities between a religion and a cult?
  43.  Review of sexual crimes and offences by the clergy
  44. How sexual crimes are punished in different religions
  45. How religions support violence in the name of god
  46. The religious point of view of Abortion
  47. Can the Bible be regarded as Christian literature?
  48. Government using religion as a tool of oppression
  49. Is the practice of Satanism as bad as it has been portrayed?
  50. Should the punishment for crimes committed by religious clergy be different?

Religion Research Questions

A topic doesn’t have to be a sentence, it could also be a question. Your paper will explore different approaches to answering those questions. Some religious questions to start your paper include:

  1. Does God really exist?
  2. Why are trickster gods and how do they affect religion?
  3. How has religion affected people of the LGBTQ community?
  4. Are female religious figure heads accepted in all religions?
  5. Is Christianity a man’s religion?
  6. Can philosophy be classified as a religion?
  7. How has religion affected morality?
  8. How does the Bible strengthen religion?
  9. How does religion affect social virtues?
  10.  What was peoples belief system before organized religion
  11. Can anyone create a new religion?
  12.  Can religion ever end?
  13. Should religious organizations be taxed?
  14. Under what circumstances can religious organizations be sued?
  15. Symbolism and idolism. What are the differences?
  16. Can religion help stop classism?
  17. Should evangelism be stopped?
  18. Are miracles real?
  19. Is single world religion possible?
  20. Should religion be thought in high schools?
  21. Do you think everyone should have a religion?
  22. Do all religions point to God?

Religious Research Paper Topics

As a college student who is studying theology or any of the religious affiliated subjects or courses, here are some compelling religious research paper topics you should consider for your next paper or research.

  1. Inter religious marriages: Do they succeed?
  2. Symbolisms and how they affect various religions
  3. The age of enlightenment and how it has affected religion
  4. Some lost religion: Why do religions die?
  5. The most ancient religions
  6. What is cloning? From a religious point of view
  7. How do different religions convert new followers?
  8. What are orthodox churches? Their rules and beliefs
  9. The topic of reincarnation in different religions
  10. Moral and ethical implications of changing your religion
  11. Are all religions good and fair?
  12. At what age should people be allowed to pick their own religion?
  13. What is the impact of religion in modern jail?
  14. How do science and religious studies coexist in schools
  15. Biblical Archeology: What are the major discoveries?
  16. How does Religion help people cope with severe mental health issues
  17. Is Prayer good for mental health?
  18. How can people of the LGBT community come to terms with religion
  19. Sex and spirituality
  20. Religious debate on same sex relationships and marriage
  21. Does the religion of the applicant matter to companies?
  22. Do employers have to provide religious accommodations in the workplace?
  23. How the media has impacted religion and the belief system
  24. African religions: The role of women
  25. Is it possible to bridge the gap between science and religion?
  26. Has there been a spiritual and religious decline amongst mankind in the twenty first century?
  27. The rational and irrational sides of religion
  28. Explaining the difference between: Atheism, deism and agnosticism
  29. How different religions view and relate with unbelievers
  30. Who is a pagan?
  31. What is the African juju practice?
  32. Who is a religious fanatic? Their features and characteristics.
  33. The free Masons: Who are they and what do they believe?
  34. Changing your religion temporarily: Is it possible?
  35. Is it possible to let go of religion and still have faith?
  36. Is religion a belief or an overall way of life?
  37. Recent interpretations of the Bible and its relevance to the twenty first century
  38. Evidences used by scientific theories to prove the weather God exists or not
  39. The relationship between religion and patriarchy
  40. Pre-colonial religion in Africa
  41. Why Africans are more religious that Europeans who brought religion to them
  42. Is religion a concept of emotion or logic?
  43. What the world will be like without religion
  44. Exploring the similarities and differences between mythical creatures and gods
  45. How religion can promote or destroy a society
  46. The difference between being spiritual and being religious
  47. The concept of divorce in various religions
  48. Does prophecy exist anywhere in religion?
  49. How various religions view love
  50. Do religious societies tolerate freedom of speech?
  51. What caused protestant reformations?
  52. Which religions accept gay marriages?
  53. The difference between Judaism and other religions
  54.  What are the main components of a religion?

Essay Topics on Christianity

Christianity is one of the top three religions in the world. It is likely that students of religious studies will be tasked with writing essays on Christianity at some point during the course of their studies. Some topics you can write on include:

  1. The role of Christianity in colonization
  2. How important is sacrifice to Christians?
  3. Different branches of Christianity – the well-known and the forgotten
  4. Corruption in Christianity
  5. What are Christians known for?
  6. Rapture: What does it mean?
  7. What are the differences between Christianity and other world religions?
  8. What makes Christianity so popular?
  9. How does Christianity view homosexuality?
  10. Who is Jesus, and what role does he play in Christian belief?
  11. The Catholic doctrine and its similarity to cultism
  12. Analyze the death of Jesus and the reason for his death
  13. Is there anything like the perfect Christian?
  14. The role of the Virgin Mary and how she empowers Christian women
  15. The origin of Christianity, the beliefs, holidays and symbols.
  16. Difference between Christianity in the medieval times and now
  17. The similarities between the Catholic and Pentecostal churches
  18. Women in early Christianity, and women in Christianity now
  19. Christianity and how it affects environmental changes
  20. Christianity and war
  21. Do all Christians believe in Christmas?

Essay Topics on Islam

Islam is another very popular religion. It is a religion with detailed beliefs and structure which can make up interesting topics to research about. Some interesting topics you can write on Islam are:

  1. Preconceptions and misunderstandings of Islamic teachings
  2. Islamic image in the west: How it started and where we are now
  3. Who are the Shiites and Sunnis? How are they different?
  4. Understanding the Sharia law: History and what it entails
  5. The role of women in Islam
  6. The history behind Muslim holidays
  7. How the LGBTQ community and homosexuality is viewed in Islam
  8. How Islam is perceived by other faiths
  9. How do Islam treat unbelievers and what is the method of conversion?
  10. Haram: What does it mean and what is considered as Haram?
  11. Are Muslim men and women allowed to marry outside of their faith?
  12. What countries are Islam practiced in?
  13. Debunking popular myths about Islam and replacing them with facts
  14.  The origin of Jihad in Islam and how it has evolved
  15. The life of prophet Muhammad (S.A.W)
  16. What does Islam say about suicide?
  17. Discussing the five pillars of Islam
  18. How has the media affected Islam as a religion?
  19. Who is an Islam fanatic?
  20. What is honor killing In Islam?
  21. What is the concept of forgiveness according to Islam?

Essay Topics on Buddhism

There are Buddhists all over the world, it is the third most popular religion. To illustrate the Buddhist system of worship, here are some essay topics to pick from:

  1. Are all Buddhists vegetarians?
  2. How to learn the main technics of the Buddha
  3. Where is Buddhism practiced?
  4. What are the Buddhist holidays and what are their features?
  5. The difference between Buddhism and Hinduism
  6. What is the Buddhism believes about heaven and hell?
  7. Is Buddhism a religion or a philosophy?
  8. What is the Buddhist take on nature and science?
  9. How important is meditation to the Buddhist and how do they practice it
  10. The Buddhist view of feminism
  11. Some popular misconceptions about Buddhism
  12. History and all you need to know about Buddhism
  13. What are the four noble truths of Buddhism?
  14. What is the view on anger in Buddhism?
  15. The difference between Buddhism, Sikhism, and Baha’ism
  16. The role of women in Buddhism
  17. What is the idea of salvation in Buddhism?
  18. Why is Buddhism known as the most peaceful religion?
  19. How Buddhism explains creation and evolution
  20. Religious rituals and practices in Buddhism.

Other Religion Essay Topics

Are your gearing up for a presentation and looking for religion presentation ideas from other religions apart from the mainstream ones? The world is filled with many religious beliefs, and finding a topic shouldn’t be that difficult. Some interesting essay topics on other religions you can consider include:

  1. How important is fasting to the religious?
  2. The theology of myth and reality
  3. Siddhartha: Philosophy and fiction
  4. What is the salvation concept in the Siddhartha religion?
  5. History of the Santeria religion
  6. How has religious systems impacted democracy?
  7. How do religious systems impact the stock market?
  8. Hinduism and homosexuality.

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