70 Catchy Sociology Research Paper Topics That Really Stand Out

Sociology Research Paper Topics

If you are taking sociology in college, you will agree that it is one of the fascinating subjects because it involves dealing with things that define and affect people, such as cultures, customs, and how people’s ways of life change.

Despite being an enthralling subject, many students find it challenging to pick the best sociology topics. To help you address the problem, we have picked the best 70 sociology topics for research that you can use. So, use them as they are or tweak them a little to reflect your preference.

Sociology Research Topics on Teenagers and Children

When growing up, childhood is the most carefree period of life, but it does not mean that kids do not have issues. However, these issues change as they become teenagers, and you can focus on them to formulate your sociological research question for your paper. If you are interested in children and teenagers, here is a list of sociological topics to consider:

  1. What is the influence of sports on the mental health of teenagers?

  2. Is sexual education good for children?

  3. What is the best way to deal with bullying in schools?

  4. Exploring the main reasons why kids do not have stereotypes.

  5. Should we give religious education priority over academic knowledge?

  6. Self-identification in teenagers: What are the causes?

  7. How does homeschooling impact children’s socialization abilities?

  8. Should adults consider teenagers as equals?

  9. Teenage suicides: What are the leading causes?

  10. Teachers or parents: Who has a bigger role in preventing early pregnancies?

Sociology Papers Topics on Social Media

Social media has emerged as the new method of communication, both at the personal and corporate levels. As more social media platforms, such as Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook become the new norm, here are some related sociology research topics for college students.

  1. Can we consider social media as a reliable source of information?

  2. Using social media to improve the hiring process in companies.

  3. Understanding the role of influencers on social media users.

  4. Comparing the use of Instagram and Facebook in education.

  5. Online relationships: Can they be considered real?

  6. Cyberbullying on social media.

  7. If social media is outlawed today, would our lives be better?

  8. How can we use social media to help change people’s behavior?

  9. Social media development over time: How will it affect education in the future?

  10. Social media development: What is the effect on the development of civil societies?

Good Sociology Research Topics in Marriage and Family

We are all part of a family, and it plays a great impact on who we become later in life. For students who want to explore issues related to families, here are some examples of interesting sociology research topics that can get them top grades.

  1. How should we define a family?

  2. Traditional gender roles taken by men: Would they be better handled by women?

  3. How has marriage changed in the UK?

  4. Exploring the implications of divorce on children.

  5. Are there negative impacts of kids adopted by families of different ethnicities?

  6. Why have the cases of single parenthood increased so much in the last three decades?

  7. Is the institution of marriage outdated?

  8. Should we allow teens to get access to birth control without the permission of their guardians?

  9. Should the government be allowed to decide who can get married?

  10. Reviewing the implications for kids being adopted by LGBT couples.

  11. Understanding the benefits of being married but choosing to stay childless.

  12. What are the advantages and disadvantages of following the traditional gender roles in the family today?

  13. Should all parents be required to take parenting classes before having children?

  14. Do you support the use of the one-child policy in China to reduce population?

Easy Sociology Research Topics

Like we mentioned earlier, sociology is a broad subject, but it is crucial to select the research ideas carefully to avoid getting bored midway. So, if you like to keep things simple and you are wondering, “What are some good sociology research topics,” here are some good suggestions.

  1. Why do more people prefer online communication today?

  2. Is anonymity when using the internet important?

  3. What are the best techniques for training kids with deviant behavior?

  4. For how long should people date before getting married?

  5. Exploring the differences between generations X and Z.

  6. The benefits of letting the elderly interact with children.

  7. What are the negative implications of intergenerational marriage?

  8. Exploring the differences between spiritualism and religion.

  9. Why do some city administrations only allow some businesses and disallow others in their jurisdictions?

Environmental Sociology Research Topics

People’s behaviors, policies, economic levels, and levels of education, among other aspects have huge implications on the environment. So, what areas of the environment and related topics do you want to explore? Here are some great topic samples to consider.

  1. An analysis of domestic inequality and carbon emissions.

  2. Is environmental activism alone enough in addressing the problem of global pollution?

  3. Exploring the latest trends in environmental justice: A case study of the United States.

  4. Food system localization: Comparing the Pros and Cons.

  5. What implications does recycling for environmental reasons have on an individual’s social well-being?

  6. Why everyone has a role to play in addressing the problem of climate change.

  7. What are the main causes and consequences of global warming?

  8. Facing the truth: Can the global society address the problem of global warming?

  9. Why conservation should be taught from an early stage of a child development.

Sociology Research Proposal Topics

If you are required to work on a research project, and the proposal needs to get the nod from your lecturer before proceeding, here are some great topics to consider:

  1. How do stereotypes of age impact employment?

  2. Comparing liberal feminism and radical feminism.

  3. What age group is at a higher risk of getting involved in deviant behavior?

  4. Do women have fewer professional opportunities compared to men?

  5. How are sexuality and gender viewed by students in private versus public schools?

  6. Is it more important to be popular or successful in school today?

  7. Playing video games for more than 10 hours every week: What impact does it have on students’ learning abilities?

  8. Should we make medicinal marijuana legal?

Good Sociology Research Questions in Culture and Cultural Biases

Some of the hottest research questions in sociology about culture and cultural biases include:

  1. Are the policies and laws protecting free speech in society enough?

  2. What are the best solutions for reducing population growth in the globe?

  3. Should we allow prescription drug companies to make direct advertisements to consumers?

  4. What are the biases that exist against obese people?

  5. Should we have legal penalties for people who use racial slurs?

  6. How is gender discrimination in the workplace perpetrated?

  7. What role does feminism play in American politics in the 21st century?

  8. What are the differences between labor immigration in Europe and the US?

  9. Should the drinking age be lowered?

  10. What are some of the best solutions for addressing homegrown terrorism in the United States?

Once You Have Sociology Research Topics, what Next?

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