Formidable Ethical Research Paper Topics For You!

ethical research paper topics

Students in every course highly seek ethical research paper topics. Why may you ask? It is because every class, or rather, every career requires a particular set of ethical standards.

However, coming across some easy ethical research paper topics may not be that easy after all. Lucky for you, this splendid and reputable post will solve that in a moment.

Before that, how do you write an ethical research paper?

How To Write an Ethical Research Paper (Simply)

The following quick guidelines will give you an overview of how such a paper resembles and what you should do.

  • Choose a captivating topic on ethics
  • Formulate an outline
  • Start writing with a hook introduction
  • Proceed on with a descriptive body
  • Finish with a momentous conclusion
  • Proofread the final copy

Nothing more or less of that, and you will have your perfect ethical research paper. In this post, we will show some great moral issue research paper topics that you can choose from later.

Stay with me now as we explore these great ideas together. Remember to remain hawk-eyed lest you miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Prerequisite Steps to Choosing a Topic for an Ethics Research Paper

Before arriving at your topic, the following ideas will be useful:

  • Have a look at the available materials
  • Do critical thinking on the possible ideas
  • Choose one out of the many

It is vital to ensure that your topic is original to avoid running into plagiarism claims. Furthermore, a brief problem will attract readers at first sight. The word length of the topic matters. Very great topics are a huge turn off to most readers; therefore, keep it short and to the point.

50 Ethical Issues Topics for a Research Paper

We shall tackle them according to subcategories so that you do not get confused along the way. Here we go then.

Ethical Hacking Research Paper Topics

  1. Goals of security in ethical hacking
  2. World’s most significant data breaches
  3. Viruses and malware to watch out for in 2023
  4. Assessing an organization’s vulnerability to cyber attacks
  5. How much time should an organization perform a backup every day?
  6. A case study of the qualitative risk assessment methods
  7. Disadvantages of black-box testing
  8. Does ethical hacking exist?
  9. How did ethical hacking come to be?
  10. Ethical hacking: Is it worth it?

Ethical Leadership Research Paper Topics

  1. Ethical leadership: The barriers to successful leadership
  2. The place of moral leadership in corrupt countries
  3. Rethinking ethical leadership in the 21st century
  4. Impact of Leadership courses on ethical leading
  5. How a teacher’s ethical behavior impacts students
  6. Is ethical leadership practiced in universities?
  7. Ethical leadership and employee relationships
  8. A case study of companies practicing ethical leadership and their performance
  9. Leadership lessons from Nelson Mandela: A case study
  10. A review of the relationship between moral and relational leadership

Ethical Egoism Research Paper Topics

  1. A comparison between ethical Egoism versus virtue ethics
  2. Ethical Egoism: A philosophical position
  3. Crime and Ethical Egoism
  4. Contrast between Ethical Egoism and Psychological Egoism
  5. Impact of ethical Egoism in business
  6. Thoughtful commentary on ethical Egoism
  7. Ethics and morality compared
  8. What is Ethical Egoism and What it Is Not
  9. A study of ethical egoism theories
  10. Contribution of a song to ethical egoism theory

Controversial Ethical Topics for Research Paper

  1. Is plastic surgery ethical?
  2. The impact of capital punishment on primary human rights
  3. Why genetic cloning is not to be pursued in the future
  4. Is abortion legal or illegal?
  5. Is human trafficking justified in any law?
  6. How safe is animal testing for humans?
  7. Is genetic cloning interfering with Mother Nature?
  8. Impact of ethnic adoption on a child’s development
  9. Are pills doing us more harm than good?
  10. Is a person justified to take his or her life?

Interesting Ethical Issues Topics for Research Paper

  1. What is the ethical impact of organ donation?
  2. The view of Catholicism on homosexuality
  3. Should we help strangers anywhere whenever we meet them?
  4. Should there be rich and poor people in the same country?
  5. Should newspapers and televisions show pictures of caskets?
  6. Should people leave their contact information at entrances?
  7. Who is responsible for the moral ethics of children: Parents or teachers?
  8. Should you report a close family friend involved in crime?
  9. Are politicians free to make campaigns in church?
  10. Is assisted suicide not the same as murder?

Ethics focuses on the shades of gray rather than black and white. Students should choose a research topic bearing in mind the implications carefully. The language used in an ethical research paper should also be prudent enough to prevent lawsuits.

Ethics Research Topics Are Here!

Ethical issues are all around us, and we cannot be ignorant of them. However, good ethical topics for a research paper require a keen eye on the student’s part. Haphazardness is not entertained in such an essay as it would amount to gross misconduct.

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