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Interesting Persuasive Speech Topics

To draft a persuasive and captivating speech, you need to find a corresponding topic. This good speech topics must also persuade and inform the audience. There are some steps to follow before choosing public speaking persuasive speech topics. we have highlighted these steps and provided a list of topics for a persuasive speech.

The main aim of persuasive speeches is to educate, inform, and convince the audience to carry out an action. It is meant to sway the audience to take your own viewpoint and abandon theirs.

Good persuasive speech topics are daring, thought-provoking, and promote a cleat opinion. Be sure to speak about something you know about because it makes it easier to argue. It is also a lot easier to discuss counter-arguments if you know them.

Picking Topics For A Speech

Picking topics can be challenging since the available options are many. These factors can help you decide better:

  • Interest

It is ideal to choose a topic that interests you genuinely. This is because you may need to do lots of research.

When this happens, you can easily get bored if you don’t like the topic. Our enthusiasm shows as you speak and that is the only way it can be persuasive.

  • Familiarity

In the same vein, when you are familiar with topics it will be easier to prepare for your speech.

  • The interest of the audience

The audience needs to care about the topic. It may be easy to lose their attention so pick something they will be interested in listening to.

  • Visualize

It is advisable to pick a topic that lets you describe more since it allows the audience to use their visualization skills. This will go a long way to persuade them.

  • Emotional topics

Emotions motivate the audience and this makes them more likely to be persuaded. It would also help them to act on your request when you present something emotional.

  • Not overdone

If the chosen topic is one that has been repeatedly flogged in the past, the audience will not want to listen to you since it does not interest them.

This is why you need to avoid overdone or cliché topics since it is more difficult to keep the audience interested if they have heard it countless times.

This isn’t always the case though. One exception will be if you had some new facts or viewpoints to add to the existing topic. If this is the issue, then ensure that it is stated early in the speech.

  • Relatable

Individuals like listening to issues that affect their community or their immediate environment or country. Such topics are more relatable and this makes them more interesting. The best place to find these topics is on the news or local TV.

Interesting Persuasive Speech Topics

What do you want the audience to do after hearing your speech? This guide will help you to choose a topic.

  1. Should wild animals be domesticated
  2. Should pets be adopted instead of bought?
  3. Should animals in zoos be set free?
  4. Should people own exotic animals?
  5. Should graffiti be seen as art?
  6. Should insurance plans cover music and art therapy?
  7. Should students learn an instrument as part of the curriculum
  8. Do introverts make excellent leaders?
  9. Are sports cars unsafe
  10. Should vehicle drivers be made to take a driving test every three years?
  11. Should bicycles move on the road with cars?
  12. Does owning a business cause feelings of isolation?
  13. What is responsible for the increase in energy prices
  14. Should interns receive payment their work
  15. Does employing foreign workers hurt the economy?
  16. Should tipping after service be mandatory
  17. Should employees be offered bonuses for biking or walking to work?
  18. Should schools allow meditation breaks?
  19. Should male and female classes be separated?
  20. Should cell phones be allowed in schools?

Speech To Persuade Topics

  1. Is higher education overrated?
  2. Should school teachers take recertification exams annually?
  3. What are the effective ways to stop bullying?
  4. Should prostitution be legalized?
  5. Should people with several DUIs lose their license?
  6. Should guns be legalized or illegal?
  7. Should cannabis be made legal for medicinal use?
  8. Is equality a myth?
  9. Are there good reasons to declare war?
  10. Does the concept of right and wrong change with each generation?
  11. Should governments add taxes on sugary drinks and utilize the proceeds for public health?
  12. Is acupuncture a proper medical technique?
  13. Does eating red meat have negative effects?
  14. Has cosmetic surgery been effective in improving body image of people?
  15. Can the fast-food industry be held responsible for rising obesity?
  16. Should healthy-food options be available in school cafeterias?
  17. Should assisted suicide be legally backed?
  18. Is dieting an effective way to lose weight?
  19. Should voting be compulsory?
  20. Should the president be allowed to run twice?
  21. Would affordable housing reduce poverty?
  22. Is torture allowed for national security?
  23. Should drug addicts be sent to rehab centers rather than prisons?
  24. Should the government detain suspected terrorists without any trial?
  25. Is freedom of press flawed?
  26. Is it wrong to promote a particular beauty standard?
  27. Should celebrities who break the law be subjected to harsher punishment?
  28. Should the government ban all tobacco products and cigarettes since they are unhealthy?
  29. Should religion be a part of the government?
  30. Should prayer be condoned in public schools?
  31. Is the media responsible for the moral degradation many students suffer?
  32. Should advertising be targeted at kids?
  33. Are cults different from religion?
  34. Should recycling be made mandatory?
  35. Should parents be given a chance to pick the sex of their unborn kids?
  36. Should genetically-modified foods have a place in supermarkets?
  37. Should public smoking be banned?
  38. Should plastic bags be outlawed?
  39. Should paper bags be enforced?
  40. Should buying habits be regulated?

These persuasive speech examples will give you an idea of what to write on. Remember to brainstorm on the ideas for persuasive speech. If you have issues, you can get writing help, for your college papers.

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