What Is A Primary Research And How To Write It?

primary research

When students think about primary research they think it has something to do with utilizing primary sources. This isn’t quite right. The correct primary research definition states that it is any kind of information you collect on your own: For example, primary research would include anything from interviews to observations to surveys. Students usually design a method for collection (e.g., develop questions) and identify a target group related to the subject or topic.

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Get 100 Marketing Research Topics Right Here!

marketing research topics

Are you interested in finding the best and most interesting marketing research topics? Of course you are! The truth is that finding a good list of topics nowadays can seem like an impossible task. Every one of your classmates is scouring the Internet in search of topics. There is a huge chance that the marketing research paper topics you find will be very similar to the ones other students have found. And since you want to be as original as possible, you should use a different approach.

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Get Your 50 Cyber Security Topics Right Here!

cyber security topics

If you are reading this, you are probably looking for the best cyber security topics. But did you know that you don’t have to pay anything for some good ideas? Our list of 50 cyber security topics is entirely free. You can not only get some great ideas, but also use the topics as they are. Of course, we can’t guarantee that our computer security research topics won’t be used by some of your classmates as well. We update the list frequently to make sure this doesn’t happen though. Continue reading “Get Your 50 Cyber Security Topics Right Here!”

Why Study Economics And Get A Degree?

why study economics

Economics is best defined as the study of how societies, businesses, individuals, households, and governments deploy scarce resources to cater to human needs. Students interested in economics oftentimes pause and wonder, ‘why study economics?’ Well, studying economics can make you interested in prices and incentives, employment and earnings, trade, and investments, among other things.

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How to Prove You Didn’t Plagiarize? Great Guide For Students

How to Prove You Didn’t Plagiarize

Accusations of plagiarism are serious. They affect your grades and in extreme cases, may affect your degree or jeopardize your career subsequently. At Assignmentgeek we understand that academic writing is a tedious process, especially when you have a busy curriculum and are juggling other commitments as well. However, once you have put in hours of work into a paper, the last thing you want is to make a mistake and be falsely accused of plagiarism.

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