How to Prove You Didn’t Plagiarize? Great Guide For Students

How to Prove You Didn’t Plagiarize

Accusations of plagiarism are serious. They affect your grades and in extreme cases, may affect your degree or jeopardize your career subsequently. At Assignmentgeek we understand that academic writing is a tedious process, especially when you have a busy curriculum and are juggling other commitments as well. However, once you have put in hours of work into a paper, the last thing you want is to make a mistake and be falsely accused of plagiarism.

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Top 100 Technology Research Topics For All Students

technology research topics

Modern students have many science and technology topics to choose from. That’s because the world keeps changing as technology evolves. Most technological changes are beneficial, though some come with negative effects. When handling technology research topics, students should select simple issues that affect more people. They should also note both the positive and negative effects of technological leaps. What’s more, students should come up with technology topics that will draw in their readers.

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Funny Typos And How To Avoid Them

funny typos

We all make mistakes when we type an article review on a computer or send a text message. Autocorrect helps but it can be wrong at times too. This is the reason why we are constantly reminded to double-check our writing before we put it out there. For those who may not now, the typos definition is any kind of typographical error. These can be serious but there are also a lot of funny typos out there that can make our day. Here’s a list of typos broken up into different categories that are sure to you laugh.

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