230 Expository Topics For Top Performing Students

expository topics

Essays and papers are among the toughest assignments in high school, college, or university. The ease with which students accomplish such tasks makes them the favorite of many. However, there exists one stalemate that most students still grapple with – finding expository topics for their assignments. Our professional experts have prepared this guide to help you unlock this stalemate.

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What Are Expository Topics?

An expository essay is an informative academic paper aimed at expounding or setting forth an idea. You may have heard of exposes – well, this in another form of reveal only that we are not applying it in the journalism sense.

So, what exactly does an expository essay entail?

Since its purpose is to expound on a particular issue, then there is a lot that the writer has to bear in mind, including:

  • Sufficient knowledge of the particular topic
  • Interesting and fun facts that the reader may not know
  • An informative language writing style

A writer who possesses the qualities or traits above can handle an expository paper painstakingly. From the many years of experience, I would say that this is one area that students should not struggle with at all. If there is anything to score A+ grades, then this is the one!

I know you may be asking, where can I find these topics for an expository essay? Here are some sources that serve as an eye-opener for you:

  • News headlines and bulletins
  • The pile of books on your library shelf
  • Journals, conference papers, and other forms of academic literature
  • And of course, here in this expert post!

Let us explore these excellent topics right away then!

Easy Expository Writing Topics

Here are topics you can use to express your prowess in a particular area:

  1. Describe why your parent is your role model
  2. How countries are dealing with the coronavirus pandemic
  3. Explain how college students cheat in the end year exams
  4. What would you do if you won one million dollars today?
  5. Describe the role of parents in bringing up morally upright children
  6. Explain the effectiveness of curfews and lockdowns as containment measures for coronavirus
  7. Why should voting only be for persons above the age of 18?
  8. Describe how an emergency response team conducts its operations
  9. Why are many teenagers dropping out of school in the 21st century?
  10. Explain why masks have been effective in containing the coronavirus pandemic
  11. Why should people work as a team instead of working as individuals?
  12. Why there are many males taking STEM courses over their female counterparts
  13. Describe the role of peer pressure in causing suicide among youths

Social Topics For Expository Essay

These ideas deal with what goes on in society today:

  1. Discuss why voting expresses the will of the people in an election
  2. Why is drinking a norm for almost everyone in an organization?
  3. Should young people mingle around openly in parks and clubs?
  4. How drug addiction is affecting the society
  5. How should people relate to each other in a community
  6. The role of the media in enhancing a peaceful coexistence
  7. Impacts of the high rates of unemployment
  8. Should the government provide subsidies for people during the coronavirus period?
  9. What are the consequences of crime in society?
  10. Why should life skills be taught to everyone?
  11. Describe the effects of poor leadership in the development of society
  12. Should parents discipline their children more often?
  13. What would you change if you were the leader of your community?

Health Topics For Expository Writing

Here, you will find impressive ideas on health that you can expound on in your paper:

  1. Should people go for morning jogs every day?
  2. Why is drinking water daily a healthy habit
  3. The impact of adverse weather conditions on the health of people
  4. How cancer is ravaging youths in their prime age
  5. The role of the World Health Organization in the development of hospitals
  6. Should people be referred to other countries for treatment?
  7. Why abortion is killing more ladies psychologically
  8. How does what one watches affect his/her cognitive behavior?
  9. The role of frequent check-ups in preventing chronic diseases
  10. Why malnutrition is prominent in developing countries
  11. The role of First Aid in saving lives
  12. How does the IQ level of a doctor affect his performance?
  13. Advice on how pregnant mothers can stay healthy

Examples Of Expository Paper Topics On Sports

Use these unique sports ideas for a mind-wobbling expository essay:

  1. Should sports personalities take water daily?
  2. Is it right to pay students who participate in college athletics?
  3. Who should take credit for the success of an athlete?
  4. Are there sports that affect the health of the participant?
  5. Explain to someone how to win a rugby match
  6. Describe why training in the morning is important
  7. Should athletes wear branded outfits?
  8. Explain the role of YouTube in the training if sportsmen
  9. How much should one earn from participating in the Olympics?
  10. Discuss a sport that you would consider playing during summer
  11. Is the English Premier League superior to the German Bundesliga?
  12. How does drug addiction affect sports personalities
  13. Methods of dealing with doping in athletics

Expository Paragraph Topics On Technology

Here are expository opportunities to explore in terms of technological advancements:

  1. The role of 5G technology in combating pandemics
  2. How social media is transforming lives today
  3. The impact of prolonged exposure to Ultraviolet rays
  4. Why significant technological advancements are the leading causes of pandemics
  5. How to deal with disruptive technologies
  6. Discuss the pros and cons of using Artificial Intelligence
  7. Can robots perform human tasks effectively?
  8. Why should one opt for a laser printer instead of the old typewriter?
  9. How technologies in education are making students lazy
  10. Compare and contrast the effectiveness of an e-paper over a physical one
  11. Why hacking is becoming more prevalent
  12. Research on the advantages of using nuclear energy
  13. How does technology help to make life easier?

Easy Expository Paper Topics on Entertainment

There are lots of writing prompts that one can derive from entertainment issues, including:

  1. Why movies are the favorite of many during weekends
  2. The role of celebrity models in shaping the morals of the society
  3. How Western cultures are impacting societal views
  4. The impact of music on the psychology of a person
  5. How often should one go to the movie theatre?
  6. How sensational videos in music erode morals
  7. The implication of movie trailers on its number of viewers
  8. Why is the movie industry attracting a majority of the young population?
  9. Qualities of a song that make it easy to recall
  10. Why do people prefer songs for their ringtones?
  11. The role of live streaming in the gaming industry
  12. Compare and contrast between reading novels and watching: Which one is the best?
  13. How violent video games are contributing to crime in the society

Expository Paper Topics For University

Here are custom writing ideas for a top-tier paper in university:

  1. How the internet is advancing research in universities
  2. Practical ways of reducing global warming
  3. Why are the most extroverted men?
  4. Survival tactics for campus students in their final year
  5. The effectiveness of online learning for university courses
  6. Why most people let out their emotions through crying
  7. Does bullying also exist in universities?
  8. What should one look for in choosing a course?
  9. Why most university students prefer online sources over going to the library
  10. Does a university education guarantee one a job immediately?
  11. Why does choosing the wrong courses disappoint students in the end?
  12. Should one have a girlfriend/boyfriend while still in the university?
  13. How do lecturers detect those who plagiarize their research papers?

Great Topics For Expository Papers

Look at these ‘A’ worthy expository essay ideas for your paper:

  1. What is the difference between college and university graduates?
  2. Why are most countries experiencing recession?
  3. Does being rich make one happy and contended?
  4. Why should parents monitor the behavior of their children online?
  5. How smart cities are transforming the world
  6. Latest developments in the study of vaccines
  7. Why should one go for HIV testing?
  8. Activities that can lead to personal development
  9. What can you do to have healthy mental behavior?
  10. What makes a company trustworthy or not?
  11. Why do most people go for quantity over quality?
  12. Effects of spending long hours on the laptop
  13. Do cheap products and services meet the needs of customers effectively?

Good Expository Essay Topics On History

These history-related topics will make you love writing essays like never before!

  1. Impacts of the Holocaust on people’s perception about the Nazi’s today
  2. The role of inventions during the Agrarian revolution
  3. Compare and contrast the leadership style of the first president of America and that of Donald Trump
  4. Why revolutions were the order of the past
  5. How industrial developments came about in the 15th century
  6. Were the early crusaders villains or heroes?
  7. What drove the freedom fighters to fight for independence?
  8. How was life in the 17th century as compared to today?
  9. How the colonizers help in marking country boarders
  10. How Martin Luther King shaped the democracy of the United States
  11. What was the significant role played by Abraham Lincoln?
  12. Did the early visitors expose Africa to the Western world?
  13. Why Ancient Greece is rich in history

Expository Paper Topics On Learning

Try one of the ideas to get started with your expository essay on education:

  1. How is society helping to curb adult illiteracy levels?
  2. What is the best age for starting early childhood education?
  3. Why are there many graduates with little skills in the job market?
  4. Is grading making learning a dull affair?
  5. How educational trips make learning interesting
  6. Why homework is a crucial pillar for the development of a student
  7. Why parents should be involved in the curriculum development process
  8. Who should be responsible for bullying in schools?
  9. Are teachers to blame for the errand behaviors of students during holidays?
  10. How often should education stakeholders review the curriculum?
  11. Why is it necessary to suspend students who show ill manners?
  12. Who should get scholarships to top universities?
  13. How is education the key to life?

Manageable Expository Essay Topics For College

Here are researchable topics with vast ideas that one can write in:

  1. Why do people follow certain religions over others?
  2. What are some of the greatest life lessons you have learned in college?
  3. The impact of psychological disorders on one’s development
  4. How would the world be with immortal humans?
  5. Why do research projects give students sleepless nights?
  6. How do popularity and fame make one develop pride?
  7. Are parents to blame for the growing teen depression cases?
  8. Can words alone comfort a person in pain?
  9. Why is it necessary to have an inner circle of friends?
  10. Why we should treat friends like family
  11. Why you need to know the person living next door
  12. How old should one be to move out from their parent’s home?
  13. How can you help someone in significant financial debt?

Interesting Expository Essay Topics

This writing will trigger your mind to begin writing immediately:

  1. Why negotiations are effective over military action
  2. How does communism affect the development of a country?
  3. Explain why being a teacher is referred to as a calling?
  4. How does learning foreign languages help you?
  5. Differences in the behavior of literate and illiterate people
  6. Why a higher degree has greater chances of opening job opportunities
  7. How does what one eats affect his/her behavior?
  8. Why should parents check on their children in boarding schools often?
  9. How to defend yourself at night
  10. Why is CCTV technology a significant breakthrough in catching thugs?
  11. The impact of dropping out of college on your status in the society
  12. Do double living standards affect one’s mental well-being?
  13. Can people survive without money?

Controversial College Expository Essay Topics

Look at these debatable essay ideas and see where you stand:

  1. Should students use online writing assistance?
  2. Were the lockdowns effective in curbing the spread of the virus?
  3. Does quarantine infringe on one’s right of association?
  4. What constitutes a democratic nation?
  5. Is it right to date your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend?
  6. At what age should one think of settling down?
  7. Does online learning make students lazy?
  8. Are women demanding more from society?
  9. Are prisoners supposed to participate in elections?
  10. At what time should TV stations air adverts on alcohol?
  11. What determines one’s level of maturity?
  12. How often should teachers give homework to students?
  13. Is the United States the mother of all democratic nations?

Expository Essay Topics For High School

You can complete your high school paper in minutes with these writing prompts:

  1. Should students carry their pets to school?
  2. Why do human beings lie?
  3. Is it possible to save Mother Nature from global warming?
  4. The role of diet in having a good memory
  5. Why lonely people talk less and sleep more
  6. How hobbies affect one’s career in the future
  7. Consequences of coming late to class every day
  8. How to deal with mental exhaustion
  9. How do life philosophies affect the behavior of people?
  10. Does home-schooling guarantee top grades for students?
  11. Describe the difference between working smart and working hard
  12. Is Math a necessary subject for all students in high school?
  13. Impact of teacher relations with students

Expository Speech Topics For Presentation

Explore these ideas for your next class presentation:

  1. The role of school in shaping morals
  2. Why colonizing Mars is the way to go!
  3. Why humility is always a sign of weakness
  4. Dealing with a mental breakdown
  5. How to start an invention
  6. Role of competency-based curricula
  7. Is eating a hobby?
  8. The connection between women and the kitchen
  9. Why parents like watching the news
  10. Impact of upbringing on who you grow to become
  11. Why scoring top grades is not a guarantee of intellect
  12. Impact of taking photographs
  13. Why ladies love going out

Funny Expository Essay Topics

These writing ideas will crack your ribs to the core:

  1. Who said people should bathe every day?
  2. How to court a lady without her knowing
  3. Why do people who eat a lot have big eyes?
  4. Why plump ladies sing well
  5. Is being slim a cause of malnutrition?
  6. What does one’s body size tell about their eating habits?
  7. How often should one do their homework?
  8. Should parents reward their kids once in a while when they fail?
  9. Do college students also cry like high school kids?
  10. Why do last borne kids always stay around the kitchen area
  11. How to react when you are caught cheating on your partner
  12. Why alcohols add to problems instead of solving them
  13. Does having a bald head make one look ugly?

Expository Essay Topics For Middle School

Here are good essay ideas that will motivate middle school students:

  1. Why does the first day in school always matter?
  2. How was your first school trip?
  3. Do group discussions work for middle school?
  4. Does eating as a hobby make one fat?
  5. Why having friends is essential during meals in school
  6. Influence of TV on middle school students
  7. Correction measures for middle school
  8. How to improve after failing in an examination
  9. Why are math teachers not the favorite of many?
  10. Importance of pets for middle school going students
  11. How to avoid punishment in school
  12. How to make noise in class without getting caught
  13. Importance of having a favorite subject

Expository Essay Topics About Education

These informative ideas on education will change your writing forever!

  1. The place of imagination in learning
  2. How to develop a good memory
  3. How to stop cheating in schools
  4. Role of disciplinary committees
  5. Impact of suspensions
  6. Legal actions against schools
  7. Digital learning
  8. Learning in a mixed school
  9. Using Wikipedia for research

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