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If you want your essay to sparkle, you must understand and use the best topic sentences. In every paragraph, the topic sentence is the most important section. In some cases, you will get the topic sentence being referred to as the focus sentence. The main question at this point is: “How do you craft a great topic sentence?” Here is everything you need to know.

What Is A Topic Sentence?

Before we can dig deeper into writing good topic sentences, it is important to understand them and how they work.

A topic sentence is a very important sentence because it helps to organize the paragraph. This means that by simply reading the topic sentence, you get a clear picture of the content of that paragraph.

But the topic sentence does more than ushering the reader to the paragraph!

  • Like a thesis statement in an essay, the topic sentence helps to set the stage of what the reader will get in the rest of the paragraph.
  • It ushers the major point that is discussed in the paragraph. From there, the reader expects to get supporting info from resources such as books and journals.
  • Topic sentences provide transitions in an essay. This is paramount in helping your essay to flow smoothly from the beginning to the end.
  • Clear topic sentences make it easy for the essay marker to understand your points. Therefore, it is a great way to rake more points for your essay.

How To Write A Topic Sentence For An Essay

Now that you know topic sentences are so crucial, the next thing is, how do you write the perfect topic sentence? Well, we are not going to lie here, learning how to write a good topic sentence requires practice and focus. Here are the main tips to help you write the best topic sentences for your essay:

  • Start by crafting a good thesis statement for your essay. The thesis, in a nutshell, explains the ideas that the writer is going to get in the essay. This is very crucial because it is these ideas that are further expounded to make the paragraphs, including the topic sentences.
  • Just like a thesis statement, you need to ensure that the topic sentence is interesting so that the reader can continue reading the rest of the paragraph and the entire essay. Try to answer the question “so what” with the topic sentence.
  • Write the topic sentence without retelling what is in the paragraph or introducing facts. You simply need to highlight to the reader of what awaits in the paragraph.
  • Avoid confusing construction. Just be precise and clear to help your readers easily move with the flow of your essay
  • It is better to write the topic sentence after deciding the main points to be discussed in your essay, and every paragraph.
  • Make the topic sentence more specific than the thesis statement. This is because the topic sentence is dealing with a single paragraph while the thesis statement is for the entire essay.
  • Look at the topic sentence as a bridge between the paragraphs. This means it serves as an important binder that holds your essay together. Therefore, it is prudent to make use of transition words when writing topic sentences.
  • NOTE: There is no universal rule of crafting a topic sentence. This means that you need to be as creative as possible to make the topic sentence and your paragraphs stand out.

Mistakes To Avoid When Writing Topic Sentences

And now make sure to avoid these mistakes, because they are the main reason a topic statement or topic sentence will be detrimental to your writing and your essay:

  • Making the topic sentence a simple summary of the points in the paragraph.
  • Starting the topic sentence like this; ‘This paragraph will discuss …” or “In this paragraph, I will evaluate …”
  • Throwing all the facts to the reader in the topic sentence.
  • Using the rhetoric question as your topic sentence.

Great Topic Sentence Examples

Are you getting inspired to craft great topic sentences? We know it can be a challenge, but you need to keep practicing. Since you now know a little about the process it is always good to get into examples. There are many but our academic assignment help writers have listed a few for your perusal below. These great examples of topic sentences should inspire you to further come up and plan out what you are going to write about and what your topic can be. So use them to understand how to write a good topic sentence examples.

Example Topic Sentences In Narrative Essays

  1. The sea was miraculous that afternoon, and I thought that I would lose my crew in no time.
  2. It was the special moment that I discovered something I really treasured.
  3. I thought I had seen the worst, but I was wrong according to the experience of the last night of the excursion.
  4. It was a very gloomy rainy day, and I had imagined it was going to end on a sad note.
  5. I had imagined my entire life would take a huge and significant turn after I got the message, but that wasn’t entirely the case.
  6. We paced around, looking for a quick-fix solution for the problem at hand, but it seemed all our attempts intensified the problem.
  7. While many cultures do not see reasons why boys should be taught to do house chores, it doesn’t wipe off the need for them to know how to attend to themselves.
  8. Social media is currently breeding more insecurity regardless of how it’s supposed to be a place to unwind.
  9. Online cyberbullying has taken an even more serious shape as more and more people fear airing their opinions on public spaces.
  10. The problem of consumerist culture is that it insistently sells the idea of a continuous hunger to individuals.
  11. People likened the way you dress as the way you’ll be addressed which shows how much meaning is read into dressing.
  12. The basis of the continuous issue of sexual abuse faced mostly by women is that society still struggles with the idea of female autonomy.
  13. The major reason most people pick up certain books is because of the cover.
  14. While judging a book by its cover can be a harsh judgment, so many of my sad reading experiences have been saved by merely studying the cover.
  15. The idea of a single self is still the foundation cause of the societal refusal to embrace individual complexity.
  16. Sunday mornings promise a time of bliss and rest, like the ushering into a restful mindset before running back into a stressful weekday work routine.
  17. I enjoyed my last birthday ceremony, and talking about it feels like reliving it twice.
  18. I thought life wasn’t getting anymore difficult then the worst happened.
  19. I had a great day today that even thinking of it now, feels surreal.
  20. Having a hard time early in the day at work can be intensely frustrating.
  21. Seasons depict something about nature, that everything has its own time.
  22. I have learnt that honesty and holding space for others is how authentic communities are formed.
  23. Intentionality in friendships scales the room for even more loving and growth.

Good Topic Sentence Examples For Argumentative Essays

  1. One of the best methods that companies can use to protect cargo on transit from pirates is offering escort.
  2. While it is okay for players to take credit when their teams win, it is the coaches who deserve more credit.
  3. The primary premise of why Romeo and Juliet is the best romantic play is its plot.
  4. File-sharing sites are perfect examples showing that emerging technologies are supporting crime.
  5. One of the best salary remuneration processes will always be salary benchmarking.
  6. Education doesn’t grant automatic access to good life but it breeds room for one.
  7. People find it difficult to understand consent mostly when it has to do with women.
  8. Understanding generational wealth justifies the treatment of low-income people.
  9. While it is okay to experience alone time, self isolation can be a sign of depression.
  10. The primary reason most women are interested in marriage is because society says so.
  11. Bridging the wealth divide in a society requires dismantling capitalism.
  12. The thing about poverty is that it kills ideas instantaneously.
  13. Understanding differences helps us appreciate the complexity of humanity.
  14. Writing off human complexity as a defining human factor breeds room for not understanding people.
  15. While communication is key, effective listening gets the work done.
  16. The only thing capable of helping one become skilled in a field isn’t hard work but consistency.
  17. Lack of clientele isn’t the root cause of most business failures but underpricing.
  18. The primary reason people enjoy literature is because it tells stories.
  19. Money helps elevate a person to success faster than hard work.
  20. Lack of home safety is usually the root cause of child insecurity.
  21. When you weren’t protected by your adult parents as a child, you spend your adulthood reparenting oneself.
  22. Savings does not build wealth faster than investment can.
  23. Cultivating a habit of savings regardless of size is better than not starting at all.
  24. While friendships are important, some friendships are better left alone.

Helpful Topic Sentence Examples

  1. In the next conference, we will focus on work and productivity.
  2. Karl Marx is one of the most powerful and influential philosophers of all time.
  3. To become a great athlete, it is prudent to master a set of different skills.
  4. I never thought about joining the army until I saw enemies invade our country.
  5. Being a successful CEO requires the development of a wide range of traits.
  6. Graduating from university is very important for a number of reasons.
  7. Before investing in property, preparations are very important.
  8. Crime in poor regions occurs because of discrimination.
  9. There are certain reasons why the global species keeps declining.
  10. It is possible to lower obesity rates in kids by promoting active lifestyles.
  11. Dogs are very useful because they help owners live happier lives.
  12. One of the best methods that schools can use to prevent cheating is installing surveillance cameras.
  13. Environmental pollution results from contaminating activities of industries.
  14. Modern pop songs are less focused than classical pop songs.
  15. To become financially secure, you must have a risk mindset.
  16. Learning to do basic things yourself saves you a lot of money.
  17. Moving towns, cities or countries might cost you so much savings but it could also be a smart move.
  18. Taking deep breaths on difficult days makes the day bearable.
  19. To become great at anything, you’ll have to prioritize learning.

Interesting Topic Sentences

  1. None of us can ever admit to knowing it all, we are on an endless cycle of learning.
  2. Embracing ignorance could serve as a learning strategy.
  3. Not all conflicts need to be addressed, some need to be left alone to die gradually.
  4. Being good at your job involves prioritizing lots of soft skills.
  5. Expertise in soft skills is equally as important as hard skills.
  6. The wealth divide is mostly as a result of capitalism.
  7. The need to control others’ lives breeds from an internalized insecurity.
  8. Most attitudes are a trauma response rather than a reflection of a person’s character.
  9. Graduating top of your class doesn’t mean you won’t have to put in effort to grow at an entry level position.
  10. Learning and understanding boundaries helps to build human relationships.
  11. Codependency in human relationships leaves no room for growth.
  12. Focusing on diligence and consistency is how to grow to do your work.
  13. Adulthood does not promise a bed of roses as imagined as a child.
  14. Illusion can be very hard to break away from but must be done if the will is to grow.
  15. Growth mindset is a very strategic way to elevate in life.

Writing Topic Sentences Can Be Fun When You Get it Right

Writing a perfect topic sentence, although seemingly complex, does not need to be stressful. Like we have demonstrated, there is no specific formula to craft a winning topic sentence. Therefore, you need to be creative and practice until you get it. Simply pick any topic sentence example in the list of topic sentences above and use it to develop your essay writing skills.

If you still find it hard to craft great topic sentences, you should consider working with professional writers. You can always have the option of the ability to buy homework online if you are running out of time. Our writers will write exceptional essays for you and further help you to understand how to craft great topic sentences.

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