201 Great Position Paper Topics To Try

Position Paper Topics

The first step in putting together a great college or university paper is choosing a great topic. This can be hard for some students because it can time consuming as well as stressful digging through the countless topics for position papers. If you are having trouble coming up with something to write about, these position paper sample topics should give several ideas:

Position Paper Topics for Psychology

These claim of fact topics are among the first types of essays students learn in this discipline. These are a handful of topics they should consider if they are interested in the psychology field:

  1. What are the major causes of social anxiety disorder?
  2. How does spending time working out at the gym impact body confidence?
  3. What is the link between the number of times people watch TV and obesity?
  4. What is the relationship between physical activity and mental illness?
  5. How do males and females experience depression differently?
  6. Why does the U.S. rank among the highest in-home sexual abuse cases?
  7. How does depression affect physical health?
  8. What is the state of sports psychology in today’s world?
  9. What impact does athletic coaching have on young people?
  10. How do certain teaching methods work better with specific personality types?
  11. Why are professional sports athletes in need of mental health checks?
  12. How are social hierarchies formed at the workplace?
  13. How do children learn to solve problems at an early age?
  14. What is the relationship between mental health and obesity?
  15. Which factors affect guilt more than others?
  16. How does social media affect our social interactions?
  17. Do restrictions of short-term memory affect the way the elderly socializes?
  18. What are some factors that contributed to childhood obesity?
  19. What causes attraction among couples?
  20. How do packaging and advertising affect consumer choices?

Criminal Justice Position Paper Topics

Criminal justice is a field that is constantly evolving. We are at a point where you can find all the background information you need on the web. But there is a lot you can learn by conducting some in-depth academic research in the library:

  1. How has online security changed the way people commit fraud?
  2. Should society consider decriminalizing marijuana use?
  3. What impact does a person’s education have on the kind of crime he/she commits?
  4. What are the challenges of social cohesion and criminal justice?
  5. Should young adults who commit violent crimes be charged as adults?
  6. Do juries consider crimes committed by law enforcement more seriously?
  7. What kind of crimes are teenagers more likely to commit?
  8. Should people that commit public shootings face the death penalty?
  9. How can noncriminal behaviors be acquired by imitating role models?
  10. How important is education when it comes to prison terms?
  11. What is a natural legal crime and how does it affect the legal system?
  12. Does a person’s gender affect how he or she is penalized?
  13. Should drug use be considered when giving sentences to criminals?
  14. Does a person’s employment status affect how he or she is sentenced?
  15. Should the federal government ban certain types of firearms?
  16. How much effort should the government put into rehabilitation?
  17. Should the United States invest in privately owned prisons?
  18. Is the jury selection process fair for all races and ethnicities?
  19. Is it possible to remain neutral in mental disorder cases?
  20. Is there a gender bias when people testify in criminal cases?

Position Argument Topics for Middle School Students

These ideas are designed for students that are learning how to conduct research and properly form a reasonable argument to support their arguments. They can be easily researched on the web and using school resources:

  1. Should schools emphasize art education?
  2. Should books with questionable scenes or language be banned?
  3. Should students be required to attend summer school?
  4. Should student-athletes maintain a certain GPA?
  5. Should students have the choice to take virtual classes?
  6. In which grade should sexual education be taught?
  7. Should public colleges be free for all?
  8. Should physical education still be a required school subject?
  9. Should students be allowed to skip a grade level if they overachieve?
  10. Why do Americans eat so much fast food?
  11. Should home chores be mandatory?
  12. Should graffiti be considered art?
  13. Do parents of the right to put restrictions on internet use?
  14. Why is it important to participate in school politics?
  15. Should the school day have fewer hours?
  16. What are the best activities to do during the summer?
  17. Should students be allowed to take more electives?
  18. Should the minimum wage be increased?
  19. Should music sharing on the internet be allowed?
  20. Do online streaming services adequately regulate content?

Topics for Position Paper for High School Students

When writing any assignment, you always want to make sure you choose a good topic. These types of position paper ideas are great for students that are still learning skills in researching and writing. The ideas listed below don’t require a lot of in-depth academic research and can be dealt with by doing some easy background research on the web:

  1. Should military service be mandatory in the United States?
  2. Should the Covid-19 vaccine be made mandatory in all workplaces?
  3. How effective are anti-bullying policies at your school?
  4. What are the best professional traits to have in the workplace?
  5. What is the best food to serve at a party?
  6. Is the dress code at your school fair?
  7. What are the pros and cons of distance learning?
  8. Should the United States raise the federal minimum wage?
  9. Will the U.S. ever become 100% green?
  10. Why is exercise important to enhance mental focus?
  11. Should the U.S. limit the number of immigrants that come into the country?
  12. Is it a good idea to make school uniforms mandatory?
  13. Should students be expelled for cheating?
  14. Should companies force employees to get periodic Covid-19 tests?
  15. How long should detention be for students caught smoking on campus?
  16. Why do Americans have the world’s unhealthiest diet trends?
  17. Should schools allow students to choose what courses they want to take?
  18. Should the U.S. government offer better incentives for properties that use solar power?
  19. Should the U.S. provide universal healthcare coverage?
  20. How does listening to music help students finish assignments?

Position Paper Topics Ideas for College Students

If you are a college student, these topics may suit your needs. They cover a wide range of topics across several disciplines and are sure to earn the interest of your readers:

  1. Should the United States stop selling weapons to countries around the world?
  2. How much should parents be involved in their children’s education?
  3. Should the United States ban unpaid internships?
  4. Should the federal government legalize prostitution?
  5. Does the DSM-IV adequately characterize abnormal symptoms?
  6. Should corporations have a lower or higher tax rate?
  7. Why does the U.S. have an obesity problem?
  8. Do healthy diets impact your mood negatively or positively?
  9. What are the characteristics of high-functioning adults suffering from schizophrenia?
  10. Does law enforcement need to be reorganized and regulated?
  11. Should the FDA take a bigger role in regulating the American diet?
  12. How does the average American diet compare to other diets from around the world?
  13. Do public schools provide adequate nutritious meal choices?
  14. Are college students forced to take too many courses per semester?
  15. How much influence should parents have on their children’s relationships?
  16. Should the United States allow companies to form monopolies?
  17. Does the U.S. effectively deal with misdemeanors committed by youth?
  18. Should females be allowed to participate in professional male sports?
  19. Should the United States end the use of privately owned prisons?
  20. Should transgender people be allowed to participate in professional sports?

Position Paper Topics on Health for Graduate Students

The health field is constantly evolving and this poses challenges for students looking for topics that do not become outdated by the time they need to write their dissertations. Here is a list of ideas to consider:

  1. What impact will Juneteenth have on American society?
  2. What are the major problems with the BLM movement?
  3. Should the pledge of allegiance remove its reference to God?
  4. Should the possession of drugs be decriminalized?
  5. Does capital punishment deter people from committing crimes?
  6. How does the U.S. justify giving tax breaks to large corporations?
  7. Should minors be able to purchase birth control without parental consent?
  8. Should collegiate athletes be given guaranteed contracts?
  9. Is it a good idea to invest in pieces of art?
  10. Should the United States allow Presidents to serve a third term?
  11. Should the Electoral College be eliminated?
  12. Should there be term limits for the Supreme Court Judges?
  13. How do religious organizations justify not paying taxes?
  14. Should Puerto Rico become the 51st state?
  15. What are the pros and cons of animal testing?
  16. Should people have the right to elect Supreme Court Judges?
  17. Should birth control pills be available for free?
  18. What impact do third-party candidates have on elections?
  19. Should students be allowed to hire problem solvers?
  20. Should college students be taught how to invest?

Good Position Paper Topics for a Short Project

If you are working on an assignment that needs to be completed in a few days, you need a topic that you can quickly find information about online and at the library. The following topics are perfect for this situation:

  1. Should teachers use social media in their lessons?
  2. Are students prepared to return to a full day of classes?
  3. What are the benefits of making virtual friends?
  4. Should men receive paid paternity leave?
  5. Should high school students learn how to budget?
  6. Should employees have the right to evaluate their supervisors?
  7. What is the best type of music to listen to when studying?
  8. At what age should children start school?
  9. How effective is online learning?
  10. Should the pass/fail system be applied to all classes?
  11. Should cooking be a mandatory subject taught at school?
  12. Should journalists be forced to reveal sources in court cases?
  13. What are the pros and cons of social media?
  14. What are the benefits of having a dog or cat as a pet?
  15. Should students have to repeat the grade lost to Covid-19?
  16. Should students have the right to evaluate their teachers?
  17. Can society adequately conserve energy to reduce pollution?
  18. Can media outlets be held accountable for spreading false news?
  19. What is a subject that is underfunded at your school?
  20. Should driver’s education be made mandatory?

Position Research Paper Topics for a Long Project

This set of ideas are tougher than the ones we listed earlier. These ideas are geared towards students that have gained ample experience writing research papers and know how much hard work needs to go into putting them together:

  1. Should doctors be allowed to share confidential information in certain cases?
  2. Is public school better than private school education?
  3. Does the use of smartphones help or hinder employee performance?
  4. What is the negative impact of watching reality shows?
  5. Why do people become addicted to social media communication?
  6. Why do people idolize celebrities?
  7. Are genetically modified foods safe for human consumption?
  8. Why is it important to teach children family traditions?
  9. Why do people create misleading online profiles?
  10. Should standardized testing be eliminated?
  11. What are the negative effects of staying “connected” through technology?
  12. Why do young adults feel more confident communicating online than in person?
  13. Do colleges put too much value on standardized test scores?
  14. Should young adults be allowed to get tattoos with parental approval?
  15. Should felons be allowed to vote in state elections?
  16. Should parents be allowed to choose the public schools their children attend?
  17. How important is it for employees to take vacations?
  18. How much does culture influence health in American health?
  19. How does social media affect a person’s physical activity?
  20. Should people be mandated to participate in local politics?

Position Paper Ideas are Great for a Tight Deadline

These claim of value topics are great for assignments that have tight deadlines. You can quickly find information on the web and find current information by checking journals at the library. You should be able to complete these topics within a week:

  1. What are some subjects that should be removed from the curricula?
  2. Should the United States’ taxation system be revamped?
  3. What are the negatives of winning the lottery?
  4. What life experiences are important for character growth?
  5. How much does music impact the way people learn?
  6. Should schools make the study of classical music mandatory?
  7. Have we reached a state of gender equality?
  8. What influence does religion have on our perspective of life and death?
  9. How do males and females raise children differently?
  10. Should sports betting be made legal nationwide?
  11. Does a college degree make a person smart?
  12. Which genre of music has had the most influence on modern society?
  13. Do schools do enough to prepare students for the real world?
  14. Should there be a reasonable age gap between couples?
  15. Do we need to do more than work hard to achieve financial success?
  16. Is it still important to earn a college or university degree?
  17. What impact did the MeToo movement have on romantic relationships?
  18. Should eSports be considered sports?
  19. Are female athletes sexualized by the uniforms they are forced to wear?
  20. Should student-athletes receive money for playing sports?

Controversial Position Paper Topics

A written assignment should try to engage with personal interests while simultaneously trying to push the envelope when it comes to academic research. You can also research and write about something controversial to capture the attention of your readers:

  1. Are students learning less because of the amount of homework they receive?
  2. What causes young adults to bully other young adults?
  3. Would there be less street crime if marijuana were legalized?
  4. Can someone under the age of 18 be allowed to vote in elections?
  5. Are children safe using social media and the internet?
  6. Should the United States interfere with international laws protecting rainforests?
  7. What right does the government have in regulating who smokes?
  8. Is it ethical to euthanize a patient that is suffering from excessive pain?
  9. What are the scientific and moral arguments for and against human cloning?
  10. Should prostitution be legalized and regulated to increase revenue?
  11. Is it fair to ban smoking in open public spaces like parks and sidewalks?
  12. Is it ethical to prevent cross-cultural marriages?
  13. Should students receive financial compensation when they perform well?
  14. Should the federal government take an active role in lowering the cost of college?
  15. Should public schools ban public prayer in classrooms?
  16. What are the negative effects of banning controlled substances?
  17. Should sex workers be given the same employee rights as in other industries?
  18. Does placing bans on controlled substances lead to more crime?
  19. Is the amount of homework harmful to students’ mental health?
  20. Should rich people pay more taxes to reduce the cost of social services?
  21. Should states invest in building same-sex schools?

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