Does Safeassign Check Previously Submitted Work?

does safeassign check previously submitted work

SafeAssign is a software that detects plagiarism from texts, papers, essays through fact-checking of previously existing works within the software’s content database. The goal is to ensure that every writing work is appropriately considered without having any work flout the plagiarism rule.

SafeAssign has its unique way of ensuring zero percent plagiarism as well as detecting it in any case. This is done by checking every previously submitted work, research essay, paper, and every other written work alike. With SafeAssign, there’s no room for plagiarism.

As a student writing an essay or a professor submitting a paper, your work will pass through SafeAssign. So in this article, we detail how the software works out plagiarism and whether or not it checks previously submitted works. What does SafeAssign do? How does SafeAssign work? Hop in now to learn more about the plagiarism checker.

What is SafeAssign?

SafeAssign is a security software device provided by Blackboard and used in comparing submitted written works of any kind to survey, scrutinize and fish out possible overlaps in the submitted work.

The software functions basically as a plagiarism detection tool that is used in academia. It’s not only a tool that can help penalize defaulters for plagiarism but also enable students to learn proper ways of sourcing materials during research and citing them properly to prevent plagiarism.

How Does SafeAssign Work?

SafeAssign works with the help of text-matching algorithms to scrutinize submitted assignments, papers, essays, and other written academic works, verifying areas of its originality as possible areas of overlap in the written word.

The primary function of this software plagiarism detection tool is that it serves as a valuable tool for restricting plagiarism and to create a space for students and every other person within the academia to:

  • write and prepare plagiarism-free works
  • learn how to cite sources accurately
  • build some originality into their written work.

To achieve this, there are various means through which the SafeAssign plagiarism detector has been structured. Here are some ways the software works:

  • Internet
  • Inform Database
  • Institutional Document Archives
  • Global Reference Database

While checking for work authenticity, the SafeAssign checker accesses all public documents available on the internet. It checks out over 1,100 publication titles, 2.6 million articles that date as far back as the 1990s till date.

Also, the software checks work against previously checked papers and materials on SafeAssign and other safety databases where written materials are voluntarily donated to prevent plagiarism.

What Does SafeAssign Check For?

SafeAssign checks plagiarism. It’s a Software device program to restrict lifting works from sources and improper documentation of cited works.

SafeAssign checks and reads any material that is convertible into text. When there’s the plain text contained in them, it can check files in

  • PDF format,
  • DOC,
  • HTML,
  • TXT,
  • DOCX, and
  • HTM

SafeAssign focuses only on texts, and for this particular reason, it only supports checking of only text-based files. The software cannot detect any file that contains texts in image formats.

For instance, if you intend to fact-check your PowerPoint presentation draft, you’ll first convert it into plain text for detection by SafeAssign. This is also the case in other image texts like graphs, tables, and columns.

The need to control plagiarism which is primarily predominant in academia gave rise to the relevance attached to SafeAssign. Writing works are being regulated, plagiarism is being detected, and unique works are promoted.

How Does SafeAssign Detect Plagiarism?

SafeAssign works efficiently with the help of a programmed algorithm that matches works against millions of cataloged written materials in its database when a written work is being checked.

By doing so, SafeAssign does a quick check, cross-checking every sentence, line, title, paragraph accordingly. While doing this, the checked information is immediately being matched to millions of these materials in the database.

At the end of the check, a report is arrived at, giving details of the percentage of text in the submitted paper that exactly matches with those in its existing database. The report also outlined the sources from which the materials are being suspected to come from.

Does SafeAssign Check PDF?

Yes. SafeAssign checks materials that are in PDF formats. All you have to do is select whichever material you’ll be submitting to the device, and your material can be checked.

But, it’s important to note that any PDF material containing texts as images, graphs, PowerPoints, and Tables cannot be checked by SafeAssign because the device only is compatible with materials in plain texts.

So, if your PDF material only contains plain text, then rest assured that it’ll be accurately checked and reported by SafeAssign. Other formats that SafeAssign can also check include HTML, TXT, DOCX, DOC, and RTF.

Does SafeAssign Check Other Students Papers?

SafeAssign checks other students’ papers, helped by the Global Reference Database.

The software compares materials against several databases, of which Global Reference Database is one of these databases. In this case, it means that SafeAssign checks other students’ papers when you submit your material to it.

Since the Global Reference Database contains the compilation of various academic materials that have been written and volunteered by students to be included in its database, the software makes use of it for plagiarism.

This database is regularly updated and contains thousands and millions of publications from different students from the 90s. Information stored within this database then happens to have come from various students from different academic institutions.

Therefore, submitting works that have already been submitted and stored by other students will be flagged as plagiarism as these works have already been accounted for. The device will immediately highlight in its report all the various instances of suspected plagiarism in percentage.

How Long Does SafeAssign Keep Papers?

SafeAssign keeps papers within 30 minutes before generating a report. However, the software can go for as long as 24 hours sometimes.

As plagiarism prevention and detection service, SafeAssign is always saddled with the responsibility of fact-checking thousands of materials every minute. In this case, it delays a bit before it provides you with the needed report on your work.

Reports on SafeAssign are usually known to take about 30 minutes to generate, but this isn’t static as the time is often extended up to 24hours depending on the volume of people accessing the service all at the same time.

Can SafeAssign Detect Old Papers?

SafeAssign checks all papers, whether old or new, contained in its database. Its algorithm fact-checks materials within its scope which are very wide, thanks to volunteers.

The software has a comprehensive database that has collated information and materials dating back a long time in history. Its database contains millions of materials; therefore, the tendency that SafeAssign can detect old papers is very high.

Can SafeAssign be Wrong?

SafeAssign has returned false positives and false negatives; therefore, the system can be wrong.

False positives are test results of papers that are wrongly classified as plagiarized, whereas they are not. False negatives are the other way round. These are test results that are plagiarized, but the system does not identify as such.

So, if you’ve ever had a result through SafeAssign and you believe it’s wrongly tagged, you may be right. But how do you prove it? We suggest you consult with your lecturer or course assistant.

Does SafeAssign Check Previously Submitted Work?

SafeAssign checks all work previously submitted to its database. If your text matches any of the sources, it would be plagiarized and therefore labeled cheating.

How SafeAssign works is not magic. It’s the idea of garbage-in-garbage-out. So, if you’ve been asking, “how does SafeAssign check for plagiarism of previous works against new works” it’s the same method the checker uses for every work — garbage-in-garbage-out.

How to Cheat SafeAssign

Every student’s dream, especially when the workload becomes too much, is to beat the system and still score that high grade.

If you’re worried about how you can maneuver the plagiarism detector of SafeAssign, the most potent way of doing that will first be by accurately referencing every quoted source in your paper.

Aside from this, you can successively cheat your way through SafeAssign by creatively changing points from other sources and forming them in your own words.

The other important and valuable technique is by hiring the services of ghostwriters who are skilled in the field of paper writing and plagiarism to properly draft and write your essay for you.

How to Check SafeAssign before Submitting

One major challenge encountered while checking your work on SafeAssign is not knowing how to check your SafeAssign before the submission comes. Here’s a breakdown of how to go about it.

  1. Open the SafeAssign website
  2. You’ll immediately see a “Self-Check” link on the left-hand menu of the page; click on it
  3. You’ll be directed to another page where you’ll click on the “Self-Check Submission” link.
  4. Through it, you can select the file you intend to check from your computer by checking the name you saved it as. Click on it, and it’s directed into the attached file box
  5. The next step is to confirm your selected material and move forward to clicking the submit button
  6. After a while of checking, SafeAssign will generate a report based on the submitted material.

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